Daria Saville injury: Shockingly horrifying incident unearths Naomi Osaka’s compassion

Despite making a successful comeback from a career threatening Achilles surgery, Australian tennis star Daria Saville, 28, faced yet another injury while playing against Naomi Osaka in the current Japan Open.

However, home queen Naomi showed a great gesture towards Daria Saville injury through her surprised act of comforting at the court when the Aussie suddenly stumbled into the ground while playing and eventually walked over.

How did Naomi Osaka behave during Daria Saville injury?

Just 14 minutes into her first-round match in Tokyo, Daria Saville suffered a serious knee injury. Naomi Osaka ran to the Australian as soon as she collapsed in excruciating agony to check on her, however, Saville ultimately managed to stand up, but she didn’t think twice about ending the battle.

This ultimately gave Osaka the victory on her quest to achieve another title into her trophy cabinet but at the same time, she expressed her deepest regret for the Aussie and wished her early recovery from that horrific incident.

Saville, who was rated 55th in the world when this season began, was considerably outside the top 500 at the time and sadly, she would once more miss a prolonged period of time on the sidelines if the MRI of her knee reveals a torn ACL. In addition, the Aussie was also participating in her first competition after the US Open.

This made her feel more disheartened as she wanted to find a place to get relieved since her disappointing journey to last year’s last Grand Slam; on the contrary, her Japanese opponent revealed that Daria’s luck is not shining at the moment and, therefore, her injury made it worse to feel that by herself.

Daria Saville ultimately managed to stand up, but she didn’t think twice about ending the battle with Osaka and following the game, Saville said on Twitter that she hoped the damage wasn’t to her ACL and she also urged everyone’s prayer by tweeting, “Can we all pray it’s not ACL, getting MRI tomorrow.”

Daria’s misery, however, gave her another blow in her career as the records are now demonstrating that she is on the verge of falling out of the top five hundred in the world ranking.

The media framed Osaka’s thoughtful move as a gesture of true sportsmanship, and they all praised her prompt action when Daria fell onto the ground while sending the tennis ball back onto her court on their inaugural set.


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