‘Definitely a fun debate’ Roger Federer embraces GOAT discourse, claims Nadal, Djokovic ahead of time

Superstar Roger Federer, 41, deliberately announced his retirement plan a few days ago following this month’s prestigious competition, which will be held in the United Kingdom with a lot of mega tennis players across the globe.

The Laver Cup, which begins on this Friday in London, will be Federer’s final ATP contest before retirement, and he recently weighed in on the ongoing and protracted GOAT discussion regarding Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

How did Roger Federer express his viewpoint concerning the GOAT topic?

The question of Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in tennis has baffled experts and fans over the previous two decades despite the phenomenal ascent of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, who have dominated men’s tennis and broken records at will. And although the discussion is ongoing and is expected to go for a while, Federer, who will compete in his final ATP event at the Laver Cup beginning on Friday in London, has something to say about the GOAT argument.

With the Swiss master’s confirmation that he will play a doubles match on the first day of the Laver Cup while Matteo Berrettini took his position for the singles match, Federer’s brilliant career is expected to come to a conclusion on Friday and, 13 years ago, Federer had already overtaken Pete Sampras’ Championship milestone of 14 major titles, becoming the male tennis record holder. He later increased his total to 20, which stood as the benchmark for a while. However, Nadal overtook him early this year and then cemented his place at the top with victories at the Australian Open and the French Open, while Novak overtook him with his Wimbledon victory earlier in July.

Federer, Nadal & Djokovic

Federer, a Swiss man who has a passion for basketball, mentioned the basketball rivalry between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, nonetheless, in reference to Djokovic, 35, and Nadal, 36, who is anticipated to be Federer’s doubles partner for his last match on Friday, the Federer Express said, “What I know is they are truly amazing and greats of the game and forever and will go down as one of the — maybe THE — greatest.”

Roger affirms that he won’t make a comeback because his right knee, which had surgery, would not let it and his age of 41 is not helpful either; however, he is convinced that he will continue to be involved with tennis that includes participating in particular competitions and so he concluded by saying, “to say farewell or goodbye, because I’ve been a part of those tournaments for 20 years.”


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