Days after getting Wimbledon Champ’s praise, Maria Sharapova praise Jannik Sinner over Carlos Alcarez

Sport is mixed with admiration and love. Last year, Moroccan star, Boufal said, “I enjoy seeing Ronaldo cry but I love Messi more.” Recently, Maria Sharapova showed the same when she said, “I can’t even call (Carlos) Alcarez younger generation because he is already at the top”, but about Jannik Sinner Sharapova said, “I’m always rooting for him because of his humble approach.”

Maria Sharapova, former world number 1 admitted that she is a fan of the new generation of men’s tennis. Sharapova made it known in a recent podcast when she said that the youngsters on the tennis circuit are promising and she is excited to see what the future holds.

Jannik Sinner trumps Carlos Alcarez

Maria Sharapova admitted in the Spotify podcast that her favorite player is Jannik Sinner. I’m always rooting for him,” Sharapova said. “I just like his humble approach to the sport.“

The 36-year-old was full of praise about the new generation of men’s tennis and admitted that all the players have their unique styles and talents. “I love seeing the younger generation. There’s an aura about the men’s game, it’s very evident. They have different styles of play, and different personalities, from different parts of the world, and it’s just fun to see these rivalries come together. I think the men’s game is in a good state,” Maria Sharapova said.

Maria Sharapova’s last coach during her professional coach was Riccardo Piatti and the Italian has coached Jannik Sinner as well. Maria Sharapova, the 5-time Grand Slam winner admitted that she has practiced a few times with Jannik Sinner and always roots for him.

“My last coach of my career has coached Sinner as well so I’ve played with him a little bit so I’m always rooting for him. I like his humble approach towards the sport,” Sharapova added.

Maria Sharapova mentioned that the new generation of tennis has impressed her, especially Carlos Alcarez. The 2023 Wimbledon Champ has taken the world by storm by already winning multiple Grand Slam titles and the Russian expects him to win more tournaments as she feels he is at the ‘very top of his game.’

Carlos Alcarez expresses admiration for Maria Sharapova

Reigning world no 2 Carlos Alcarez bumped into five-time major champion Maria Sharapova while attending the Unmatched Gender Equity in Sports Conference in Ontario. Much to the delight of the young Spaniard as he revealed that he was quite surprised to see the tennis legend.

“I have seen many of her matches, she was a fantastic tennis player, one of the best in the world. And I was shocked because I didn’t expect her to be here in Toronto,” Carlos Alcarez said.

“And she was the first to get on the elevator and I was like, ‘Is it Maria or not?’ It’s been great meeting her and knowing that she’s doing great right now. I was able to talk to her a bit and it was very nice,” Alcarez added.

Alcaraz and Maria Sharapova have a lot in common as they both enjoyed a lot of success before the age of 21. Maria Sharapova won her maiden Grand Slam at the age of 17 when she lifted the Wimbledon trophy in 2004 while Alcarez secured his first major when he was 19 at last year’s US Open. The Russian became world No 1 for the first time at the age of 18 while Alcarez was 19 years old when he topped the ATP Rankings for the first time last year.


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