Days after $274,390 supercar purchase, Alex Pereira experiences “every man’s nightmare” in unbeknownst girlfriend encounter

Alex Pereira has always kept his family life private from the outside world. However, Pereira recently revealed that he went through a divorce from his previous partner, the mother of his two children. Since the divorce, Alex Pereira has started a new relationship with his girlfriend, Merle.

Days after buying himself a Lamborghini, Poatan was involved in a hilarious and potentially troubling encounter with his girlfriend, Merle, which is quoted by many as “Every man’s nightmare.”

Alex Pereira gets busted by girlfriend

Alex Pereira might be great at knocking opponents down but not so great at hiding from his girlfriend. The fighter is currently preparing to face Jiri Prochazka at UFC 295, focusing on both his physical and mental preparation for the intense fight. However, a little break for ‘Poatan’ was well-deserved, and fans recently caught him in one of his funniest moments.

In a new viral video, “Poatan” can be seen engrossed in his phone, completely unaware of his surroundings. This isn’t the first time he’s been caught off-guard by a family member. Recently, a video of his sons trying to surprise him surfaced, causing a lot of commotion among the fans. This time, it’s his girlfriend who appeared in a viral video.

The video captures Alex Pereira sitting quietly, fully absorbed in his phone. However, what they were both looking at remains a mystery known only to him and his girlfriend, Merle. She slowly enters the frame, briefly glancing at what her boyfriend is viewing, and, as the caption accurately states, “she doesn’t look too happy.”

Fans foresee the worst for the UFC light heavyweight

Fans joined in on the fun and had hilarious reactions and comments on the video. “Watching Adesanya knockdown for the 100th time” tweeted one fan referring to the rivalry both the former UFC middle weight champions share.

While some fans seemed convinced he was stalking his previous opponent Israel Adesanya, others were more concerned for the person who took the video. “the friend recording letting it happen smh lol” tweeted one fan, “Cameraman looking for a beat down?” tweeted another.

Fans were convinced that “Poatan” might have set himself up for a challenging night, but it could all just be in good fun. Recently, the fighter has gained fame for sharing lighthearted videos featuring himself and his family. On one occasion, he even playfully presented Glover Teixeira with a fake gift of a brand-new Lamborghini just to tease him on camera. This poker-faced fighter has a sense of humor that often surprises fans, going beyond what they give him credit for.

In the comments, please share your thoughts on the potential turbulence this incident might have caused in Poatan’s love life. Additionally, share your thoughts on the upcoming UFC 295 co-main event between Alex Pereira and Prochazka for the vacant light heavyweight title.


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