Who is Shockmaster mentioned by Becky Lynch in assessment of her “shameful” NXT debut?

Becky Lynch climbed through the ranks to become a major WWE Superstar, earning the nickname “The Man.” She pointed out former WWE wrestler Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, who was raised in South Florida and inspired by his father despite his small stature.

Fred Ottman, the former wrestler, once explained what went wrong and how it altered the course of his life.Despite her current prominence in WWE, Becky Lynch recently revealed to Chris Van Vliet that she was ashamed of her original NXT debut character, which she considered worse than Shockmaster.

Revisiting the infamous Shockmaster debut

During Ric Flair’s “Flair for the Gold” segment in 1993, WCW had prepared a major announcement. For their next WarGames battle, Sting and The British Bulldog were revealing their mystery partner, stating that this unknown man would “shock the world.” And indeed, he did.

The Shockmaster, aka Fred Ottman, was responsible for what happened next. Things went very wrong, as he crashed through the stage barriers. Despite Fred Ottman’s best efforts, the segment became a famous wrestling blunder. Over twenty years later, people are still talking about that terrible first appearance.

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Becky Lynch puts her NXT debut over Shockmaster

The Shockmaster’s debut in WCW was both memorable and terrible, as he crashed through a wall live on television on August 18th, 1993. By January 1994, his character had already been retired as a result of unsatisfactory success.

On the other hand, Becky Lynch has demonstrated that it’s possible to recover from a disastrous introduction. “The Man” made her WWE debut on June 26, 2014, in the role of an Irish dancer—a part she found particularly unappealing, thinking her dancing resembled Michael Flatley’s in a negative way.

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NXT Women Champion teased on Insight with Chris Van Vliet that her WWE debut may have been worse than The Shockmaster’s infamous blooper. She concluded that the WWE wasn’t the place for her original character.

She said, “I would put that over Shockmaster in terms of shameful debuts. He just fell over. He fell over. Okay, fine, that sucks. I went out, I was committed to that. The difference is, he didn’t intend to fall over. I intended to go out there and do an Irish jig like that and thought that I was worthy of being on WWE television. That happened”.

The Man has already told the audience about her most embarrassing past. Do you want to add some heat to this? It is free to leave a comment.


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