Days after going viral with $274,390 prank on Glover Teixeira, Alex Pereira leaves MMA community cracking up with latest mischief

Alex Pereira, a skilled Mixed Martial Artist, also enjoys playing pranks in his free time. As a former UFC middleweight champion, he has pulled several pranks on his friend Glover Teixeira, including the famous Lamborghini prank.

It appears that the prankster gene runs in the Pereira family, as Alex’s sons also played a dangerous prank on their father and barely escaped unscathed. Poatan continues to prank his old friend by pulling yet another prank on Glover Teixeira days after the Lamborghini prank.

Alex Pereira tricks Glover into eating napkin

On occasion, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the friendship of Pereira and Glover outside of the UFC. Most of the time, that involves ‘Poatan’ pulling off some kind of prank on the legendary scrapper, as was the case with Pereira’s most recent clip shared on social media.

In the video, Pereira convinces Teixeira that a restaurant napkin is something edible. In the viral video, Pereira stated that he’s going to play a prank on Glover, jokingly saying that it’s a napkin to clean his hand but he’ll convince him that it’s edible.

“Good, huh?” Teixeira responds in Portuguese after getting handed the dish. “Fuck, man. Damn.”

“Come on, Poatan!” Teixeira adds after eating it. “Fuck you, man!”

Pereira and Glover have pranked each other multiple times before as well

Pereira and Teixeira have been longtime friends. Pereira trains at Teixeira’s gym and is even coached by him. The former Light Heavyweight Champion and the former UFC Middleweight Champion have developed a strong friendship. Pereira helps everybody in the gym with striking, whereas Teixeira assists Poatan with wrestling and jiu-jitsu, as revealed by Glover Teixeira.

MMA community reacts to the hilarious prank

The prank pulled by Alex Pereira on Glover Teixeira made a lot of people laugh, including the MMA world. People wrote, “Never a bad day when Pereira posts something on his social media” , while other MMA fighters and fans were just amused by the prank pulled by Poatan on Teixeira.

Pereira is known to have some off the pitch personality and it is good for the light heavyweight contender considering the amount of work he puts in training. Pereira is scheduled to fight Jiri Prochazka for the vacant light heavyweight title.

Who do you think will take the gold home? Share your thoughts on the light heavyweight title bout.


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