Derek Carr’s brother hints veteran QB’s next team in photoshopped image

The Las Vegas Raiders’ star quarterback, Derek Carr, has been in an unsettling situation since the Christmas Eve game last year, when he got dropped from the starting lineup and never returned.

The fallout began when the Raiders began to blow their chances to win last month and failed to qualify for a wild card berth. Even the bigger star QB’s performance also went downhill later in this season. And finally, when he got replaced by Jared Stidham, Derek lost all hope of continuing the franchise.

The drama continued as both parties were bound by a no-trade clause in the extension contract last year. However, the scene has changed quite a lot in a year.

Where could Derek Carr go after he leaves the Los Angeles Raiders?

There were several rumors regarding the 31-year-old quarterback’s possible landing spot; however, the rumor got a new whiff as the New Orleans Saints joined the race to acquire him.

The rumor got fueled when a Carr brother, Darren, posted a doctored image of his younger brother in the Saints kit on Twitter. Even though he wrote a cryptic message in the caption, “Life’s a movie,” the post was later deleted.

But, after all, the contract prohibited him from joining any team until it expired, and Carr must take the first step to join and get out of the bind. Otherwise, his career will suffer, and the raiders will also suffer.

The Saints are also currently in an unsettling situation with the franchise quarterback. The Saints ended their season third in the NFC South with a 7-10 record. Both Derek and the Saints seem to have benefited from this deal.

However, even if the raider gets around the no-trade clause issue, there remains the trade fee issue. For the time being, the Raiders, like the four-time Pro Bowler, should look for a modest deal to get out of the bind.

What do you think of Derek Carr joining the Saints? Is his brother’s inside source truly reliable? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments.


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