Despite $250,000,000 fortune, NFL legend Tom Brady once given Aston Martin DB11 supercar for free

Tom Brady nurtures extremely expensive hobbies and desires. With a mammoth net of $512 million which came from his unwavering NFL stardom, is it really surprising? The footballer seems to have great adoration for cars and he is often seen spending lavishly to get the latest model of his favorite brand whenever that hits the market.

So, let’s unfold the story concerning how Brady managed to obtain his Aston Martin DB11 supercar and how much he had to pay for that.

How much money Tom Brady paid for his Aston Martin DB11?

The Patriots player’s car collection is insane which has some of the most fascinating cars of all time. But the interesting fact is, some of these top-of-the-line vehicles were given to Brady for free.

The MVP did not pay a shilling to get his Aston Martin DB11 although at that time he was at the peak of success in his career with a net worth of $250 million.

In 2017, the NFL star paired up with Aston Martin, a British car manufacturer for their promotional campaigns. The company was so impressed by Tom’s athletics and it benefitted such profoundly from its collaboration with the footballer that the brand gifted an Aston Martin DB11 supercar to him for free.

For the promotional campaign, the brand was looking for someone who bears the aura of a hero and holds a unique personality. The company’s expectations matched with that of the MVP and it immediately signed him.

Generally, an Aston Martin series starts with $250,000 in its price and Brady was given such a lavish car without a penny. It’s unclear whether the profitability from the collaboration or simple promotional stunts were involved.

Tom Brady helped design Aston Martin ‘Vanquish S’ supercar

Besides offering a free supercar to the NFL GOAT, the British car company also engaged Brady in designing their Aston Martin ‘Vanquish S’ supercar.

The series is known as ‘Tom Brady Signature Edition’ where the footballer played his part in giving it a royal vibe. Only 12 of that Vanquish S model was manufactured and one of them went to Brady’s garage.

The other cars of the model were sold at a price of $359,000 and were considered by many to be the most hyped supercar of 2018.

Which NFL player holds the potential to surpass Tom Brady’s career earnings in the future? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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