Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes once picked his NBA GOAT between LeBron James and Michael Jorden

A player who runs in the field holding the ball can also fall in love with the metallic hoop that rests upon a wooden floor. Well, such seems to be the case between Patrick Mahomes and his craze for basketball.

This dominating Chiefs QB often finds it hard to choose his favorite NBA star between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Let’s have a look at Mahomes’s love for NBA stars and his desire to follow their glorious paths.

Patrick Mahomes indecisive between LeBron James and Michael Jordan

The debate over who is the greatest basketball player ever between Michael Jordan and LeBron James has been going on for decades now and is most likely to go on for years to come.

And Patrick Mahomes is another NBA enthusiast who is caught up in the same puzzle as many. During an interview, when the MVP was asked about the NBA Goats, he failed to give a concrete answer.

In his own words, the Super Bowl winner said, “Man, that’s a tough one. So, I’d say if I had one game, I would take Michael Jordan or one series. But, I would say for a full, entire season, I gotta go with LeBron because he can do a little bit of everything”.

So, seemingly, the Kansas City star adores both of them as the NBA GOAT but depending on the different game setting.

Patrick Mahomes follows Michael Jordan’s path with Adidas Collab

Global sportswear brand Nike signed Michael Jordan and created a Jordan-inspired shoe line, ‘Air Jordan’. This collaboration between a megastar athlete and a mega brand proved to be one of the most lucrative associations in the world earning millions.

The Most Memorable Shoes by MJ in "The Last Dance". Nike AU

Following that Nike – Jordan legacy, sportswear brand Adidas shook hands with the rising NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes and established “The Mahomes 1 Impact FLX” shoe line.

The products which are available in seven different colors have already hit the market and are ready to showcase stardom and flexibility on the feet of the wearer.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Patrick-Adidas collaboration will be able to surpass the Jordan- Nike multimillion association or not.

Amongst Michael Jordan and LeBron James, who is your NBA Goat? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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