Despite inching closer to Roger Federer record, Novak Djokovic goes viral for wrong reasons

Novak “Djoker” Djokovic of Serbia has recently achieved a significant victory, which puts him on course to do even more amazing accomplishments, possibly even winning the Wimbledon finals in 2023.

Djokovic’s jocular response to the crowd following his victory has drawn attention. The renowned tennis player is getting closer to his objective of winning his 24th Grand Slam championship and the 8th Wimbledon title which would bring him at par with the legendary Roger ‘Jesus-Fed’ Federer, which would confirm his place among the sport’s all-time greats.

Djokovic mocks crowd with crying gesture in Jannik Sinner victory

While competing in a thrilling tennis match at the renowned Wimbledon Championships, “Djoker” battled not only his opponent but also the crowd and the umpire.

The seven-time champion made it to the much anticipated final by displaying his unwavering resolve in the face of challenges. The 36-year-old Serbian put on a commanding performance as the chance to capture an eighth Wimbledon crown appeared to be within reach, showcasing his perseverance.

However, Djoker’s vacation was not without controversy. Throughout the game, he was criticized for his actions, including making fun of the fans, which created a heated argument among onlookers.The seven-time winner found himself at odds with both the crowd and the umpire after getting what he called an “absurd” impeding penalty. The feisty defending champion displayed his unflinching drive by surging into his eighth Wimbledon final in the 35th Grand Slam singles championship match, a record.

While some appreciated his tenacity and capacity to block out extraneous distractions, others found his conduct improper.

Djokovic pursues success despite this, unconcerned by the opinions of the audience. With his eyes fixed on the trophy, he now focuses on his championship battle with Carlos Alcaraz, the current US Open champion. As excitement for this historic event mounts, the tennis community eagerly anticipates the crowning of a new champion on the famous grounds of Wimbledon.

Despite the arguments and differing opinions, it is undeniable that Nole Djoker is at the pinnacle of his sport and a strong opponent on the court. As the Wimbledon final draws near, the Serbian master will undoubtedly put on a stunning display of talent, perseverance, and unwavering focus.

Djoker inches closer to tying Federer’s Wimbledon record for most Wimbledon titles

Novak Djokovic’s quest for an eighth Wimbledon triumph is progressing despite extraordinary drama and tragedy. A spectacular tennis giants’ clash ensues when Carlos Alcaraz, the US Open champion and world number one, blocks him. Djokovic’s extraordinary journey has featured other important milestones, and the only other male player to have participated in 400 consecutive Major matches is the renowned Roger Federer.


The Serbian legend has 33 consecutive victories at The All England Club, which puts him on par with the famous Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer. He has also advanced to his 12th Wimbledon semifinal.  Djoker will tie Margaret Court for the most Grand Slam victories with 24 if he wins his eighth Wimbledon title. He will also equalize with the legendary Federer. Tennis legend status for Djokovic has been bolstered by his incredible on-court achievements.

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