Despite Singapore GP glory, Fernando Alonso casts doubt on Ferrari’s future chances against Max Verstappen

Fernando Alonso, the Spaniard is eagerly anticipating Red Bull’s return, along with thousands of fans throughout the world as they stated that their comeback in Japan will be phenomenal, as Max Verstappen is determined to regain his lost title.

However, this moment belongs to Carlos Sainz who has achieved his well-deserved victory in the Singapore Grand Prix putting a pause on Verstappen’s reign in Formula One history. Being a former Ferrari pilot and donned the bright red livery, he might expect a revival of Ferrari but he desperately doubts it in recent times.

Alonso anticipates Red Bull’s return to form after Singapore GP

As mentioned earlier, Alonso is patiently waiting for the “Unbeatable Bulls” to make a comeback in Japan as they promised.

“Track-to-track is very different. Let’s see in Japan, I expect Red Bull to dominate, to be honest,” Alonso told media, including RacingNews365.

It was the weakest race for the team all season with set-up struggles throughout practice, with neither Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez making it to Q3.

The team’s run of 15 straight wins ended as did Verstappen’s record-breaking 10 in a row while hopes of sweeping every race win on offer in 2023 also ended.

Ferrari and Carlos Sainz halt Max Verstappen’s Red Bull reign

The Singapore Grand Prix was quite a show even without Red Bull’s dominance, this season. Sainz’s win from pole was sensational as he grabbed the taste of victory from   McLaren’s Lando Norris and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton as the three teams went wheel to wheel with one another.

Sainz acknowledged quite what a battle it had been. “Wins never come easy and today we had a bit of everything,” he said.

“We had to fight for it, we had to be strategic, we had to nail everything and commit to our plans. We managed to bring home a win that was never easy but that feels incredible.”

“I felt under control. I felt like I could manage well and we brought it home. That was the best feeling,” Sainz said after celebrating with his team as fireworks lit up the Singapore circuit.”

F1 wanted closer racing when it brought in the new regulations last year and with Red Bull out of the picture, they might consider that in Singapore they had nailed it. Without Verstappen’s presence, everyone did an excellent job to showcase their talent and together, made every second thrilling for the audience.

Do you think Carlos will be able to maintain his victory stand in Japan too? Please let us know in the comments below.


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