Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill sheds positive light Odell Beckham Jr.’s Ravens impact following $18 million deal

Odell Beckham Jr. has finally found his final home with the Baltimore Ravens, and the signing of a seasoned quarterback is encouraging for the Ravens as they prepare for the upcoming campaign. Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins tweeted praise for the Ravens’ prudent decision to sign OBJ recently.

The three-time Pro Bowler signed with the Baltimore Ravens, according to Tom Pelissero’s report. Beckham will reportedly earn a base salary of just over $1.1 million, a signing bonus of more than $13.8 million, and an additional $3 million in incentives to reach the reported $18 million mark. The 30-year-old announced the signing on Instagram.

“Flock,” Beckham wrote in the caption of a photo of his son.

Why did Tyreek Hill regard OBJ’s signing as a good move for the Baltimore team?

Hill was pleased with the Ravens’ decision because he believed the team required a powerful and supportive player in the receiver room.

“OBJ to the ravens clutch,” Hill tweeted.

The significance of a receiver on the Baltimore team actually knows no bounds given the absence of a player at the position. Since tearing his ACL during the Los Angeles Rams’ victory in Super Bowl LVI in February 2022, Beckham has not participated in an NFL game. Even so, if he can fully recover from his injury and is allowed to play as a Raven, he can fit in well with the team.

Browns acquiring OBJ from Giants, source says

The receiver position is challenging because the player must possess excellent catching skills and the ability to withstand defensive members’ blocks. Odell has already established himself as a top receiver throughout his 8-year career with the Giants, Browns, and Rams, catching 531 passes for 7,367 yards and 56 touchdowns.

Hill, however, is aware of the value of a strong offensive player who, despite playing for a different team, finished his previous campaign with the highest overall PFF grade among wide receivers. For 1,710 yards and seven touchdowns, the WR hauled in 119 passes.
It will now be interesting to see how OBJ can demonstrate his value as a Raven in light of Tyreeks’ celebration.


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