Will Lamar Jackson leave Ravens following Odell Beckham Jr’s $18M deal? Speculations rise among NFL fans

The Baltimore Ravens signed long-awaited wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Sunday, and star quarterback Lamar Jackson gave his approval by showing his support on social media.

Odell missed the entire 2022–23 season because of the ACL injury he suffered in the previous Super Bowl for the Los Angeles Rams. It became a lengthy period of his searching for a franchise while training and recovering.

On the other hand, Lamar was the key instrument for the Ravens in the last couple of seasons, but the star quarterback has fallen out of the franchise’s grace recently. He was included in a non-exclusive franchise tag after refusing a deal that the Ravens offered.

Though he was craving a contract, the two-time pro bowler didn’t forget to congratulate the 30-year-old WR. He shared a picture of their Facetime on Instagram, writing the ravens chant in the caption.

Lamar Jackson

However, amid this situation, speculation regarding the 26-year-old arose again as the Ravens offered a guaranteed $13.8 million for one year. The three-time pro bowler will earn a total of $18 million from the franchise.

What are the speculations regarding Lamar Jackson?

The 2019 MVP refused a $133 million, three-year deal and demanded much more to justify his worth, but the idea backfired. Since then, he’s ended up with the franchise tag, and other franchises are considering him undesirable.

Hanging Jackson in uncertainty, the Ravens’ signing of Beckham Jr. sparks new rumors regarding his future at Baltimore. One fan claimed he would move to the Atlanta Falcons.

Even his absence from the extension negotiation indicates the fans are counting him out.

The Heisman Trophy winner didn’t produce a bright performance last season; he scored 17 touchdowns, made seven interceptions, and passed for 2,242 yards in 326 attempts. However, as the tag was activated, Lamar Jackson couldn’t be traded, and the Ravens will probably have to pay him $32.41 million for the next season.

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