“He is physically stronger”: Floyd Mayweather’s own cornerman dumps him, names another boxer strongest athlete of all time

Floyd Mayweather is without a doubt one of the most successful boxers in history. In boxing or any other combat sport, however, there is a distinction between being the most successful and being the strongest. When it comes to the strongest athlete, even Floyd’s cornerman has a preference other than Floyd.

Nate Jones was one of Pretty Boy’s closest associates throughout his career. The Olympic bronze medalist has extensively observed Floyd and knows a great deal about the undefeated boxer’s strengths and limitations. Nate, however, had a different answer when asked if Floyd is the most powerful person he’s ever met.

Who is the most powerful person Nate Jones has ever met?

When Jones talks about an athlete’s strength, it’s hard not to believe him because the former National Golden Gloves winner has closely observed and worked with many elite boxers. Adrien Broner, according to The Snake, is far more powerful than Mayweather.

“Broner is the strongest athlete I have ever met in my life. Powerful power. He is physically stronger than any man I have ever met and that’s saying a lot. Any man, Pound for pound.” said Jones.

The Chicago-born boxing promoter referenced Broner in a recent interview. So many boxing wondered if Jones was being cautious when he called the name, but the 50-year-old retired boxer was unequivocal in his assessment as he made no hesitation about choosing Adrien over ‘Money’.

Broner’s played his final professional boxing match in 2021. The Snake has proven himself worthy enough to back up Nate’s claim over the course of his 13-year pro career. Adrien fought in 39 fights and won 34 of them, 24 of them were by knockout. Regardless of Nate’s claim, both Broner and Floyd appear to have a nice relationship.

What do you think of Nate Jones’ assertion? Do you agree with him that Floyd Mayweather Jr. cannot match Adrien Broner’s strength? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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