Volunteers OT Darnell Wright slaps Bengals analyst over position critique saying “what year did you play to say anybody has any business doing anything”

Tennessee Volunteers’ talented and powerful offensive tackle Darnell Wright was involved in a heated altercation with a Cincinnati Bengals analyst over a position critique, claiming a lack of experience.

The 6-foot-6 started 13 games at left tackle as a junior, holding the consensus 26th-ranked player overall and the fourth-best offensive tackle. The consensus five-star recruit also ranked one of the nation’s top 10 prospects coming out of Huntington High School.

What did Darnell Wright say to the Cincinnati Bengals analyst?

The host of Podcast Same Old Stripes and the famous Bengals fan Willie Lutz opened up about his thoughts on top draft prospect Darnell Wright’s NFL future ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft on April 27, stating he foresees the young star as a pure right tackle with no ability to play on the left side and the 21-year-old didn’t like the comment and reached the host’s DMs to express his feelings.

“Your a pure d***eater, what year did you play to say anybody has any business doing anything,” Wright sent to Willie.

The Same Old Stripes podcast’s host screenshotted the photo of the message and posted it on Twitter on Monday.

The Tennessee voluntary prospect later retracted the statement and apologized for it saying he might get drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 28th pick and hoping for a podcast with him.

“Probably a little heavy on the d***eater part, apologizing for that looking at what you said were probably defending me a bit when you said it just frustrating when the games all you love, it’s all good tho maybe I’ll be in cinci in the next month and we’ll do a podcast 👀,” Tennessee expected first-round pick in this upcoming NFL Draft wrote back and posted on Twitter.


Lutz also seemed to accept the apology of Wright as he later bumped a compliment for the young player and retweeted a tweet saying he loves Darnell.

Both the young player and the host resolved the matter with maturity,  however, the incident serves as a reminder of the emotions and tensions arising in the highly competitive world of sports, and the importance of handling criticism and conflict professionally and respectfully.

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