Dragon Lee’s main roster debut vs Dominik Mysterio for NXT North American Championship on RAW next week

A potential WWE superstar, “Dragon Lee,” will be promoted to the main roster, where he will make his debut to challenge the Mysterio’s championship for the second time. On Monday night, he was seen at ringside during Mysterio’s match against Cody Rhodes and in a backstage scene with Adam Pearce and Dirty Dom.

As early as NXT’s August 8 episode, he was put in a defensive match for the NXT North American Championship and secured an unexpected victory with the help of a Judgement Day member. Again, the son of a Hall of Famer will have to confront the mask persona.

Dragon Lee to make his main roster debut on RAW next Monday

After Rhea Ripley helped Lee lose the NXT North American Championship, a feud between Lee and Dominik was already in the pipeline. The masked man was surprised by how the match on August 8 turned out, but he is poised to win the title in his debut on the WWE main roster. The news of Dragon Lee’s promotion to the WWE main roster was revealed as the new star of the NXT brand was seen in the midst of the RAW audience on September 18.

Dragon Lee

Dirty Dom” wrestled against Cody Rhodes in a match where the young man quickly lost to the experienced Cody. Meanwhile, Dragon Lee challenged Mysterio for the NXT North American Championship on that RAW night. Now, Lee will debut on the main roster with the aim of earning a championship opportunity in Ontario, California. Interestingly, he’ll have this opportunity before Mustafa Ali, who defeated Lee to become the top contender.

Dragon Lee to face Dominik Mysterio for NXT North American Championship

It is official that Dragon Lee will face Dom for the championship on the September 25 episode of SmackDown. The news follows an altercation between Lee and Mustafa Ali on the previous week’s episode of “NXT.” Lee claimed that Mysterio, the guest referee, cheated during Ali’s victory by a quick count.

Dragon Lee

If Lee can defeat Mysterio at No Mercy, Ali will be promised to give Mexican wrestlers a chance to crack the golden belt. Yet the plot has shifted, and now Lee will get a second shot at the belt on “Raw” before any of that happens.

The atmosphere is growing intense, both among the competitors and the fans. It seems that Mysterio has a tough rival. To what extent do you believe the masked man will be able to capitalize on this second opportunity before Judgment Day brings about his fall once again? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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