Drew McIntyre start bleeding with headbutt to Seth Rollins on WWE RAW

The November 27 episode of WWE Raw was packed with action and excitement, featuring the return of CM Punk, the reappearance of Randy Orton, and fallout from the epic Survivor Series WarGames matches.

During the show, Rollins made his appearance to the ring and revealed he is going to defend the World Heavyweight title, and suddenly Drew came to the ring and delivered a headbutt to Rollins, causing McIntyre to bleed.

Watch: Drew McIntyre start bleeding with headbutt to Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins made his presence on Monday Night RAW with a huge pop after a win at the Survivor Series Men Wargames match. Rollins looked pumped up during the show and stated that he is going to be a fighting champion. Rollins also confirmed that he spoke with Raw General Manager Adam Pearce regarding his next opponent. Immediately, Drew McIntyre interrupted Rollins.

Drew Mcintyre battled Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Crown Jewel but he got defeated. Mcintyre then asked for a rematch for the Championship that he truly deserved.

However, Rollins refused and said there are more superstars in the locker room who deserve the title more than Drew. After all this, Rollins announced that he is going to defend his title at next week’s Monday Night RAW against Jey Uso.

Suddenly, McIntyre hit Rollins with a massive headbutt. Then, McIntyre got busted open on his head, leading to major chaos in tonight’s RAW. Then, Jey Uso came to the rescue, and both delivered a superkick to McIntyre, causing him to leave the ring.

What is the rivalry Between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins?

Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins are two of the most popular and accomplished superstars in WWE today. They have been rivals for many years, and their feud has been one of the most intense and memorable in recent history.

The rivalry between McIntyre and Rollins began in 2018 when they were both members of the Raw brand. They were initially friendly, but they soon began to clash, both in singles matches and as members of opposing teams. Their rivalry escalated in 2019 when Rollins defeated McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship. McIntyre won the title back a few months later, but Rollins continued to target him.

In 2020, McIntyre won the WWE Championship, and Rollins became his number one contender. They had a series of brutal matches, including a Falls Count Anywhere match at Money in the Bank and a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules. McIntyre ultimately retained the title, but Rollins continued to be a thorn in his side.

Drew Mcyntire and Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel 2023
via WWE

At the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in 2023, these two had a match where Rollins defended his World Heavy Weight title. It was the opening match of the event, and Rollins defeated McIntyre to retain his Championship. The rivalry between them has not stopped and could continue in the upcoming weeks. It is clear that McIntyre will be involved in the match against Jey Uso next week.


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