Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards expresses surprise at unusually quiet Grizzlies crowd: “The fan was dead”

Anthony Edwards, the Minnesota Timberwolves star, is one of the most exciting young players to watch in the NBA. He has become a dominant force in the league in just a couple of seasons. Edwards has performed well in his playoff performances and seems to be improving with time.

He has displayed that he is capable of leveling up his game when it matters the most and is a promising young talent. Edwards recently helped defeat the Memphis Grizzlies in a game on November 26 and noticed something strange about the crowd.

Anthony Edwards surprised by uncharacteristically quiet Memphis crowd

On November 26, Anthony Edwards and the Minnesota Timberwolves made an appearance at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee, to play the Memphis Grizzlies. The Timberwolves defeated the undermanned Grizzlies 128-107, but the visiting NBA All-Star saw that something was amiss in the arena.

Following the match, Edwards stated that he had never seen a silent Memphis crowd before. He ascribed it to Ja Morant’s absence. Edwards claimed that life in the FedExForum appeared to have been completely drained while the 2019 second-overall selection was still serving a 25-game suspension without pay.

“The fans was dead. I’ve never played in Memphis like this. This is my first time being in Memphis and not having the crowd into the game. So it’s kind of hard to get into it…I was surprised. They usually be amped up. I’m guessing because Ja out, probably,” Edwards said, according to Grizzlies writer Jonah Dylan.

Aside from Morant, Steven Adams is sidelined for the entire campaign due to a knee surgery. Due to a foot injury, Marcus Smart is also sidelined but should be back by the end of December. Derrick Rose has been on the roster and off. The Grizzlies’ injured list also includes Luke Kennard, Brandon Clarke, Jake LaRavia, and Xavier Tillman.

Ja Morant reacts with approval to Edwards’ supportive message

Edwards acknowledged the effect of Morant’s absence and shared a kind message about the Grizzlies star, despite the fact that he was not used to playing in Memphis with such a silent crowd.

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“We’re looking forward to him getting back, because I’m ready to watch him play,” Edwards said. “He’s an exciting player… I know he’s ready to come back and put on a show. We’re ready to see it.”

When this message from Edwards appeared on his timeline, Morant responded to a tweet about always standing by Edwards with a single “100” emoji. Despite their youth, Morant and Edwards have already engaged in a number of exciting battles, and it appears that they are eager for more.

What are your thoughts on Memphis fans missing Ja Morant’s presence on the court? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.


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