Drivers apprehensive of COVID despite bubble

After Sergio Perez tested positive for the Coronavirus for which Hülkenberg stepped in to drive in the British Grand Prix, left the entire crew, and the council in great distress. Hence, few rules and regulations are being mended and made afresh. There will be more strict social distancing criteria’s to be obeyed, headed with the isolation strategies that need to be more rigid.

The team officials are already looking into the matter to retain maximum safety for everyone. Toto Wolff, the Mercedes’ official ensured that their committee and crew members are striving to keep a check on everything that needs to be strengthened and maintained. There have been strict procedures that are being heeded to keep up with the social distancing and staying away from the crowd. He started, “On the track, we’re trying to keep them out of meetings with a lot of people. It’s mostly Teams or Zoom meetings they’re participating in. Outside of the track, it’s just all of us applying common sense in avoiding crowds, restaurants, pubs, or children’s birthday parties. He further added, “The driver and the team have decided upon measures to protect them as good as we can.”

The Haas F1 team racer Romain Grosjean highlighted important points for the safety of the racers of track. He says that despite the bubble, it isn’t completely safe for racers to be free from infection. He says that maintaining a stricter regime off-track for the drivers is also important.

He shared a peek into his life saying, “I’ve got three young kids at home, so I’m very careful on as many things as I can; Obviously, you are not safe from having COVID and again, my kids, they go out. It’s very complicated to ask a two, five and seven-year-old to wear a mask, and they could possibly give it to me.”

He highlights that though staying at home is extremely efficient, stopping kids from going out to play is also not in his list.

Scuderia Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel said that amending the rules and making them more rigorous will affect the drivers severely. He remarks that though the risk of getting affected is huge, it cannot be possible to isolate a racer into a room. Though he explains his uncertainty about how Perez got infected with the virus, he is clueless as to what measures will he adopt to be virus free.

He adds further,” “But you know, I think it’s a serious issue. All we can do is be responsible and make sure you wash your hands, keep your distance. If you can’t, then wear this thing [a mask], I guess, and be sensible. And the rest we will see.”

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