Eagles OL Josh Sills’ attorney claims allegations of rape, kidnapping against his client are ‘false’

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, with the Eagles and Chiefs preparing to face off in one of the most intense games ever. Even though there are injury issues on both sides, there is a new concern in the Eagles’ camp that will not allow them to even practice with their entire squad. Apparently, Eagles OL Josh Sills is accused of rape and kidnapping.

The news came as a severe shock to the NFL world as Sills is a rookie and only 25. Moreover, his rape and kidnapping incident took place four years ago. According to prosecutors, it was on December 5th, 2019, when he committed the crimes in Guernsey County. Although the victim had reported the incident immediately, the court is taking action now- Sills was indicted this week on felony counts of rape and kidnapping following an investigation by the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office.

While speaking with the reporters, Ohio Attorney General said, “In December 2019, the indictment says, Sills, engaged in sexual activity that was not consensual and held a victim against her will. The crime was immediately reported, and the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted a detailed investigation.”

However, Eagles OL Josh Sills’ attorney, Michael Connick, disagrees and says the allegations are all false. On the other hand, the Eagles team also released a statement saying, “The organization is aware of the legal matter involving Josh Sills. We have been in communication with the league office and are in the process of gathering more information. We have no further comment at this time.”

Eagles OL Josh Sills
Statement from the Eagles.

The rookie was starting his career in the NFL after getting picked just before the 2022 season as an undrafted free agent; however, with charges of rape and kidnapping, Josh might face severe consequences.

When will Eagles’ OL Josh Sills face the court?

Sills is scheduled to appear in court four days after the Super Bowl on February 16th. With all the allegations, the OL cannot be with the Eagles team in their travels and practices; he will also miss out on the Super Bowl. Sills only played one game against the Cardinals this season and helped the Eagles win that match. 

Eagles OL Josh Sills
West Virginia Mountaineers Josh Sills on Saturday.

The Eagles will proceed without their whole team and hope for the best, trying to win the Super Bowl.


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