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“Emergency Landing” Luke Rockhold embarrassingly admits on experiencing Khabib’s Eagle Airlines ride in AKA Academy

Luke Rockhold

UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold has admitted on Daniel Cormier’s podcast that he took a ride on Khabib’s “Eagle Airlines” during a training session at the American Kickboxing Academy or AKA. Rockhold was not ashamed to say that Khabib manhandled him and flipped him over during their grappling session. The rumor was addressed by DC who poked fun at Rockhold being flipped by Khabib.

Luke Rockhold is a former UFC champion and has fought at both middleweight and light heavyweight! Khabib on the other hand was a lightweight fighter which is 2 weight classes below Rockhold! But it seems as though Khabib is strong enough to deal with Middleweight fighters and keep them on the ground for extended periods of time! It is no shock that Khabib took Rockhold aboard his “Eagle Airlines”, meaning he took him up in the air and flipped him over to the ground!

A middleweight being flipped over by a lightweight fighter is unheard of and frankly embarrassing for the heavier fighter, but Rockhold was mature enough to admit that he lost against Khabib in the grappling session.

Here is the clip of DC and Rockhold talking about the incident:

YouTube video

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the best grapplers the world of combat sports has ever seen, He dominated his opponents on the ground and finished almost all the fights on the floor. It is not surprising to see Khabib manhandle and dominate a middleweight, Khabib in fact has done this before: 

YouTube video

Khabib was joking that his training partner was slammed aboard “Khabib Airlines” in business class. Although the video of Khabib slamming Rockhold has not been leaked as of yet, the fans can expect a similar outcome as the clip above!

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