Erik Ten Hag warns Alejandro Garnacho not to compare himself to Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney after his miracle goal vs Everton

Alejandro Garnacho, against Everton, scored arguably the best goal of the season as of yet, as he bicycled home Diogo Dalot’s precise cross to give Manchester United the lead within three minutes into the start of the match. The Red Devils got a much-needed 3-0 win thanks to goals from Rashford, Martial and Garnacho.

Coincidentally, Garnacho’s overhead kick came out very similar to club legends Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo’s kicks against Manchester City and Juventus, respectively. While everyone is aware of the Argentine’s fanboying of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, there have already been comparisons between him and his idol. However, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag has called caution on the comparisons of Garnacho with Ronaldo and Rooney. 

Erik Ten Hag fires Cristiano Ronaldo warning to Alejandro Garnacho

Since joining the Premier League, the Dutch manager has been known for his critiquing personality, and fans have been aware of his issues with Ronaldo, something that has pulled the morale of the dressing room down. 

In his post-match talk on Sunday, Ten Hag came out with a caution for Garnacho. Although he was full of praise for the goal scored by Garnacho, the former Ajax manager has asked for the horses to be held. After the match, Ten Hag said that Garnacho has the potential to do amazing things, but he also warned that it is not good to compare him with Ronaldo or Rooney this early in his career.

Ten Hag stated: “Don’t compare, I don’t think it is right. They all have their own identity but for Garnacho to go that way he has a lot to come, he has to work very hard. You have to do it on a consistent basis and so far he has not.” 

Ten Hag mentioned that Garnacho is lacking consistency at the moment and that he has to work a lot harder to be able to score 20–25 goals for comparisons to be made with the legends of the club. 

Watch: Alejandro Garnacho scores Wayne Rooney-like goal

The 19-year-old attacker made a statement yesterday, by not only scoring like Ronaldo, but also hitting his idol’s signature ‘SIUU’ celebration. Garnacho’s goal has lit up social media, attracting comparisons and getting his goal tagged as “the best ever”.

However, Garnacho’s goal was more similar to, and almost a mirror image of, what Wayne Rooney scored against Manchester City in 2011. The angle and the power of Alejandro Garnacho’s volley was identical to Rooney’s, who is currently the manager of Birmingham after his appointment last month.

Which one of the three bicycle kicks from Garnacho, Ronaldo and Rooney was the best according to you? Comment below.


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