CM Punk wife: will AJ Lee make her WWE return following husband’s footsteps?

While the responses of Seth Rollins to CM Punk’s return to WWE received the most media attention, other superstars have also shared their thoughts. They suggest it’s precisely what WWE needs when a wrestler contacts CM Punk’s wife, AJ Lee, the former Divas champion.

With CM Punk’s return, fans are speculating about others who might follow suit, and Cora Jade is anticipating the potential return of AJ Mendez (AJ Lee) to WWE. Fans are already expecting AJ Lee to re-enter the wrestling scene following Punk’s success.

Will CM Punk’s wife AJ Lee make her WWE return?

AJ Lee’s followers are amazed by her incredible physical transformation. The former WWE star recently chronicled her fitness journey on social media. WWE fans believe she stands a chance of making a comeback due to her dedication to health, especially with her husband CM Punk’s recent return to the company.

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After WrestleMania 31, AJ Lee participated in a six-woman tag team bout. She departed WWE due to issues with her cervical spine and the controversies surrounding her husband, CM Punk. Following this year, she plans to leave WOW – Women of Wrestling when her season-long contract concludes. AJ currently holds positions as an executive producer and color commentator for the Los Angeles-based promotion.

Following CM Punk’s comeback, rumors about AJ Lee’s return to WWE and a possible appearance in the Women’s Royal Rumble trended on Twitter. While fans wonder whether AJ Lee would follow her husband back to WWE, her history of neck ailments could provide a barrier for her comeback as an in-ring combatant.

WWE star wants AJ Lee return

A huge AJ Lee and CM Punk fan, Cora Jade recently posted a flashback picture of herself with Punk with the phrase, “Mood 8 years later.” However, this sparked some controversy when Roxanne Perez brought up their history of conflict when discussing Cora Jade.

After a Twitter argument over a video of Cora Jade meeting CM Punk, Roxanne Perez and Jade discussed the possibility of bringing AJ Lee to WWE with them. Female wrestlers from the 2010s, including emerging talents like Cora Jade, eagerly anticipate AJ Lee as a role model.

Following the conclusion of her current deal with WOW, AJ may opt to join WWE, potentially taking on roles such as a producer or coach for NXT alongside CM Punk. After what feels like an eternity, fans are finally getting to witness their reunion. Wrestler AJ Lee serves as a role model for women throughout the sports entertainment industry.

CM Punk wife
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