Big Show revealed why his highly anticipated match with Shaquille O’Neal never happened.

Big Show is a significant figure in WWE, and Shaquille O’Neal, a towering presence in basketball. A match between these two giants in WWE would undoubtedly have been a spectacular event. Despite multiple plans for the match, it never materialized due to busy schedules.

In a recent interview with ‘Inside the Ropes,’ Big Show revealed the challenges they faced in making the match happen. He also expressed his excitement about wrestling Shaq, emphasizing the potential for a thrilling match that fans would greatly appreciate.

Big Show revealed the reason for the failed Shaq O’Neal match.

During the interview with ‘Inside the Ropes’, which was posted on YouTube, Big Show was asked what was the reason for the match between him and Shaq never happening. Big Show in his response said, ” There were multiple plans for the match being arranged and it was almost confirmed once.”

However, Big Show also said that Shaq is a busy dude and got a lot of brands to deal with. The WWE icon also expressed that it’s very difficult to manage Shaq during the time of WrestleMania as Shaq used to have Basketball event at that time too.

Big Show also cleared out that he has only less than a year before retiring. Although as a wrestler he has achieved his fanatic moments but he is still eager for his match with Shaq.

Shaq’s in-ring appearance in WrestleMania 32.

At the grand stage of WrestleMania 32, Shaq made a surprise entry during the 3rd Andre the Giant Memorial battle royale match. Shaq’s entry was not just a surprise for the audience but also to WWE superstars in the ring including Big Show. it was easily noticeable how surprised Big Show and other wrestlers were seeing Shaq enter the squared circle.

At a point where Shaq was about to enter all the wrestlers in the ring got close to each other, which was indeed an epic moment. However, Shaq entered the ring with prior intention of facing Big Show. Later on when Kane tried to interfere Big Show and Shaq both slammed Kane a chokeslam, which was a a major highlight.

Shaq O'Neal, Kane and Big Show
Shaq O’Neal, Kane and Big Show Via:- WWE.

What do you think on how can WWE plan for individual match between Big Show and Shaq and also share your your opinions on Shaq’s in ring appearance at WrestleMania 32.


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