Hours after grand CM Punk return, Rhea Ripley shows off her move imitating the former WWE champion

CM Punk’s return to WWE after nine years has piqued the interest of fans everywhere. As Punk returns to WWE, fans are eager to see what happens next, and the internet is buzzing with talk about a new video that pays tribute to Punk. In the clip, former AEW star Rhea Ripley performs Punk’s signature finishing move.

Ripley’s response to CM Punk’s comeback is worth noting. Ripley tweeted a video of herself mimicking Punk’s finishing technique and claimed that she is the greatest in the world. Alternatively, the tweet might be an homage to the real “Best in the World.”

Rhea Ripley shows off her CM Punk move

It’s no secret that Rhea Ripley is becoming more and more famous in WWE. She performed well in her Survivor Series bout and was in attendance for CM Punk’s comeback.

There is a video of Ripley teasing CM Punk after his comeback, but that’s not what everyone’s talking about today. It’s because of a film the Eradicator attempted to pay tribute to Punk with that was recalled and published on Twitter.

CM Punk
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Punk’s professional wrestling career has been phenomenal, with him achieving widespread reputation in both WWE and AEW. Fans’ reactions to his return to WWE proved their continued devotion to him. Punk’s most recognizable finisher is the GTS (Go To Sleep), in which he carries his opponent and knees them in the head.

Mami posted a video of herself performing “GTS” by Punk on an independent circuit on her Twitter. The reference to Punk in her self-proclaimed title of “Best in the World” was tongue-in-cheek. Some have speculated that the video wasn’t simply uploaded as a tribute but also as proof that she can pull off the rare GTS maneuver and is, therefore, the greatest in the world at what she does.

CM Punk set to appear on WWE RAW

After almost 9 years away from the business, the former WWE and AEW World Champion returned at Friday night’s pay-per-view event. He returned at Survivor Series 2023 and will be making an appearance on this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW. According to a reliable source, CM Punk will be at RAW in Nashville, TN on Monday.

However, his precise role on the program remains to be seen. After being released from AEW following an altercation at All In with Jack Perry, CM Punk has signed a multi-year agreement with WWE. Details of the WWE contract he signed on Saturday morning were kept under wraps. The only people who knew about the deal were CM Punk, Triple H, and Nick Khan.

CM Punk
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Perhaps WWE has great plans for CM Punk that will include Triple H prominently. So, what could it be? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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