Ex-49ers’ QB makes shocking statement naming Peyton Manning as true GOAT over Tom Brady claiming ‘The Sheriff’ was more feared on field

Like in every sports industry, the NFL world is always arguing over the greatest player of all time in American football history, while most of us consider it to be Tom Brady.

The goat debate is one of the most entertaining and spicy topics of conversation among sports enthusiasts. Naturally, we determine the GOAT based on some significant parameters of individual and team achievement. Finding out who the best player is based solely on statistics is not always a good idea.

Regardless, former quarterback David Carr has an entirely different take on the GOAT debate, and surprisingly, it wasn’t the New England Patriots legend Tom Brady.

Whom does David Carr consider a goat instead of Tom Brady?

Before the pro bowl event, the 2011 Super Bowl champion shared his son Austin’s tweet asking a poll including Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, “If you started a @NFL franchise and could have 1 QB in their PRIME who are you taking out of these 2 ?” And David wrote, “Peyton is the 🐐 and this isn’t a conversation.”

The 43-year-old didn’t stop there; he tweeted again in favor of Manning, “I LOVE MARINO, but Peyton did so much more than just rip it he knew your defense better than you DC”

Peyton’s trophy cabinet is full of accolades; even we would be tired if we started to count them. Among them, he won the Super Bowl ring twice for the Colts and Broncos, the Super Bowl MVP in 2006, 14 Pro Bowls, five NFL Most Valuable Player awards, and many more individual performance records.

However, Carr also indicated, “Brady is incredible but he’s not in the same ballpark as Peyton.” From his point of view, the Sheriff had a more hazardous effect on the opponents’ defense with his solo performance, whereas Tom was part of an extraordinary team that planned and executed.

It seems, based on the individual impact, that the 46-year-old has much more prowess than Tom, and not only is David claiming this but also a large portion of the NFL world is in love with Patton’s play.

What’s your take on the GOAT debate? Is Peyton Manning the ultimate GOAT? Tom Brady, perhaps? Leave your opinions with us.


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3 thoughts on “Ex-49ers’ QB makes shocking statement naming Peyton Manning as true GOAT over Tom Brady claiming ‘The Sheriff’ was more feared on field”

  1. Personally I like Joe Montana and think he needs to be in the conversation. That said comparing players from different generations is almost impossible because of all of the verifiable. There were great players in the last as well. Johnny Unitas, Norm Van Brooklin, and others come to mind.

  2. Wow even to this day nobody wants to give Tom Brady credit for everything he achieved. I mean he took a team that never won a Super Bowl,and won 6 made the pats a dynasty 2 different times and still he doesn’t get any respec. Say what you want about him, but at the end off the day he is the GOAT.


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