Ex-Cavaliers’ star Kendrick Perkins slams Kyrie Irving for ruining “Michael Jordan day”

The date of 2/23/13 is not well-known or popular among NBA fans, but ESPN’s sports analyst Kendrick Perkins is determined to mark it as ‘Michael Jordan Day.’

But it looks like Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving‘s sudden trade request stunt has already put a damper on the festive spirit. The Nets star hinted that he would either work this trade before the February 9 deadline or leave as a free agent after the season ended.

This recent development caused quite a stir in the NBA world, as netizens quickly made it viral. The analyst became furious at being unable to celebrate the day peacefully.

What did Kendrick Perkins say regarding Kyrie Irving?

Right now, the Nets PG’s trade request is the prime concern among the fans, journalists, and media, and the ESPN analyst’s attempt to get attention on “Michael Jordan Day” got spoiled. Naturally, the veteran mistook it for a child’s tantrum and became increasingly irritated dealing with him.

“This is supposed to be MJ day, and we’re here dealing with Kyrie Irving again,” Kendrick says flatly, blaming the eight-time all-star. His irritation didn’t develop in a day; rather, Irving’s antics in recent years regarding contract issues made him enraged.

The trade of Kyrie Irving made the Nets’ overall structure shaky and fragile. Perkins pointed out the 30-year-old’s previous actions that forced James Harden to leave the franchise.

What is Michael Jordan Day?

As majestic as Michael Jordan sounds, the reason for observing a day in his honor seems rather trite. Jordan wore No. 23 on his jersey for the Boston Celtics in his career, and the date denotes his jersey number: 2/3/23. It appears you can celebrate this day only once in your lifetime.

As an MJ fan, I, like many others, believe that commemorating the day is pointless. His Airness doesn’t need a day to remember his accomplishment, because the NBA will never see another double-triple-peat by anyone who can conjure the performance that Michael did.


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