Kendrick Perkins thinks Russell Westbrook can be kicked out of the league because of his pride

Kendrick Perkins played in the NBA for 14 seasons before transitioning into the sports media industry and establishing himself as a regular on ESPN. During that time, he often shared the court with some of the biggest names in the game, such as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Thus, there is a greater possibility that Perkins is expressing seriously when he breaks loose with a fiery take about a current NBA star during one of his appearances on ESPN’s NBA programming and debate shows.

“When it comes down to winning and the betterment of the team and making a business decision, the one thing I know about LeBron James: he don’t give a damn about feelings. He wants to win. So if that means having to trade one of his close friends or a ‘brother’ he is going to do that.”

“I can’t be mad at Russell Westbrook for being mad. I’m mad at Russell Westbrook for actually showing up and attending Lakers events, like the Summer League, knowing that they’re trying to trade you! I’m not showing up to nothing. As a matter of fact, get me out of here!”

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Westbrook needs to be aware of his position with the Lakers. For him, this season was a disaster, and the franchise as a whole suffered. All indications point to the same outcome after another season with him, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. Since the end of the season, the fans have been pleading for a trade since they have already given up on him.

Russel’s time with the Laker is numbered with Kyrie Irving on the market and LeBron pressuring his team to do whatever it takes to acquire him. To gain the most advantage possible in the interim, he will need to get along well with the squad and all of his teammates.

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