“Symbolic” Russian tennis star Daria Kasatkina received national acclaim for publicly coming out as gay

Over the years, Russia has been blessed with skilled tennis players, with Maria Sharapova remaining the most iconic name. However, in recent years, another Daria Kasatkina became the highest ranked Russian player in female category.

Despite being a Russian citizen, Kasatkina is residing and getting trained in Spain for the last couple of years with a view to gather better experience but her recently revealed personal information sparked chaos inside her homeland.

Why Daria Kasatkina eulogized for her personal opinion?

Tennis star Kasatkina, 25, was seen as one of the modest and respected players in Russia, however, her recent revelation of self-identity indicated different concept about her life.

In recent times, this highest-ranked female tennis player in Russia has been hailed as a significant and symbolic icon for the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the nation by human rights advocates and other sports.

Daria & her Girlfriend

Kasatkina also revealed that she is against any kind of invasion and supports free thinking, which marked her as one of the celebrities to oppose Russia’s conservative views on rainbow groups.

Six Duma members presented a new measure only hours before Daria’s ‘gender revealing interview‘ that would outlaw positive or neutral discussion of LGBTQ+ partnerships in public and any LGBTQ+ content in motion pictures.

How Daria Kasatkina is coping up with her recent announcements?

The highest-ranked Russian female tennis star has been receiving praiseworthy comments from different sports personalities around the world after opening up about her sexual orientation, but still fears that she might face legal proceedings in her own country on this matter.

As of today, Russian state legislators have been practicing bills against free thinkers by ensuring that any event or action seen to be an attempt to encourage homosexuality might result in a fine under the existing legislation.

Despite knowing about the above legislation, Kasatkina’s coming out was hailed as “monumental” by Igor Kochetkov of the LGBT Network, a well-known Russian organization promoting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people.   


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