Ex-Real Madrid star Casemiro impact at Old Trafford earns him captaincy consideration from Manchester United fans

Manchester United fans have asked for Casemiro to be made the captain as his impact on the team since his summer transfer has been significant.

The captain’s armband is like a pillow passing game at Old Trafford this season, with Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes sharing the captaincy. But a growing number of supporters have spoken out on who they want to see lead Manchester United next season.

The Brazilian international joined United from Real Madrid in the summer and has made an immediate impression in midfield. However, he has recently been sidelined after receiving a red card against Southampton, earning him a four-match domestic ban. But it appears that he has been making good use of his time throughout that period.


Why do Manchester United fans want Casemiro as captain?

Oscar Ribot, his agent, remarked about his time off the field during that period and stated that he wants United to finish in the top four and that Casemiro is ‘calculating the points needed’.

In an interview, Ribot spoke with The Guardian, “Taking football away from Case is like taking food from his table, it’s like he can’t live, can’t breathe. He wakes up thinking about football and goes to bed thinking about football.”

“He watches hundreds of games: any team, any league. I’ve seen him watch Chinese games because there is always some detail. He says he won’t be a coach, but he will. He’s already one in a footballer’s body.”

His agent further added, “This month, he’s watched everything [while suspended], calculating the points needed and the days left. Case has signed for four years plus one. He’s come to win titles; this month has been hard, but there’s nothing else on his mind.”

Staff at Old Trafford have also praised the Brazilian’s impact and leadership skills. Fans were amazed by his passion on the sidelines, and several pushed for him to be chosen captain the next season.

One Twitter user said, “we need a new captain and casemiro is the right man for the job”

Another said, “Give him the captain’s band already”

Why did the Brazilian come to Manchester?

Casemiro opted to leave Real Madrid the day after winning his fifth Champions League, his cycle coming to an end at 30. Carlo Ancelotti encouraged him to rethink, but he had already decided that England would be his next stop.

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In August, he watched Manchester United lose 4-0 to Brentford while debating his options with his agent. United was a fun challenge, but it was also dangerous, as he had been told. Casemiro, on the other hand, was certain: “It’ll work,” he remarked. “Tell them I’ll fix this.”

And he did just that. For a time, things went better than even the Brazilian could have expected, with United winning the Carabao Cup. But he has missed it for the last month, and they have had to fill the void he left.

Casemiro will return to action against Sevilla after an almost month absence. He will make his Premier League return against Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

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