Ex-Tennis star declares Novak Djokovic as undisputed GOAT applauding his success at 36

The question of who is the greatest tennis player of all time is a debatable one. And the latest former tennis star from Germany to join the debate claimed Novak Djokovic as the GOAT, especially given his current age of 36.

The discussion over Djokovic’s outstanding athletic accomplishments is furthered by this statement. The view of the former tennis player highlights Djokovic’s outstanding performance and generates more interest in his place in tennis history. Djokovic’s name is currently being extensively debated in the ongoing discussion of who should be regarded as the GOAT.

Petkovic Credits Novak Djokovic’s dedication for his continued dominance

Andrea Petkovic claims that Novak Djokovic’s constant focus is the reason for his continuous domination in tennis. Djokovic still performs at the highest level of sport despite being 36 years old.

Djoker’s commitment is demonstrated by his systematic approach to training and his painstaking attention to several facets of his game, according to Petkovic. She thinks that Djokovic’s dedication to healthy lifestyle habits like yoga, meditation, and appropriate diet, which he adopted at an early age, has paid off in his on-court results.

Additionally, Petkovic underlines how Djokovic stands out from his rivals because of his psychological fortitude. She makes the case that his capacity for retaining a positive outlook and handling pressure situations has been essential to his sustained dominance.

Andrea respects Nole’s commitment to his art and agrees that it has been crucial to his continued success and ability to hold a strong position in the tennis world.

Andrea Petkovic puts Djokovic ahead of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Djokovic has surpassed Roger ‘Jesus-Fed’ Federer in Andrea Petkovic’s opinion as the greatest tennis player of all time. In the ongoing discussion, Petkovic asserts that if the issue is merely one of tennis accomplishments, Djokovic’s resume speaks for itself.

Despite having a later career than Jesus-Fed and Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic has dominated tennis for the past 20 years. At the 2023 French Open, he recently captured his 23rd Grand Slam title. He also owns the record for the longest weeks spent atop the world rankings.

Petkovic argues that Djokovic’s numerous Grand Slam victories and time spent at the top of the rankings should end the discussion, despite the fact that some people still support Federer.

Petkovic contends that Djokovic stands out in terms of individual greatness, rather than who has had the most impact on sport. Djokovic’s exceptional career accomplishments make him a credible contender for the GOAT label, while first encountering opposition from Federer and Nadal followers.


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