Despite heartbreaking loss at UFC Vegas 77 Bassil Hafez receives admiration from Justin Gaethje: “Beast on the ground”

Stepping in to take last-minute challenges almost never ends well for the previously unscheduled fighter. Often these replacement combatants don’t have the proper training camp or the right game plan or practice to take on their new targets.

In this week’s UFC Vegas, we saw such a matchup occur between one of UFC’s highly touted prospects Jack Della Maddalena and fresh-blood Bassil ‘The Habibi’ Hafez

Justin Gaethje praises Bassil Hafez

Respected UFC veteran Justin Gaethje commended Bassil Hafez for his performance at UFC Vegas 77. Gaethje, who had trained with Hafez, praised his grappling abilities, describing him as a “beast on the ground.”

When Jack Della Maddalena’s original opponent withdrew due to a rare brain illness, Hafez was given the chance to compete at the tournament on short notice. Despite being the underdog going in, Hafez looked motivated to prove himself in the UFC at the higher levels and not just as a stepping stone.

The admiration of a reputable and successful fighter like Gaethje might give Hafez motivation to continue improving his abilities and persisting in his MMA career. Gaethje’s support not only displays Hafez’s abilities but also exemplifies the comradery among competitors in the UFC. 

Gaethje’s encouragement for Hafez may serve as inspiration for him as he pursues his profession, encouraging him to recover more quickly and demonstrate his worth in subsequent fights. Young fighters like Hafez can grow and develop significantly while navigating the competitive world of mixed martial arts with the help and encouragement of seasoned veterans.

Bassil Hafez vs Jack Della Maddalena bout overview

A highly anticipated matchup between Bassil Hafez and Jack Della Maddalena took place at UFC Vegas 77. Both competitors seemed to have come into the match determined and eager to show off their abilities inside the Octagon.

Hafez demonstrated his exceptional grappling skills throughout the bout, trying takedowns and demonstrating his ground game. The fearsome striker Della Maddalena, on the other hand, used his attacking skills to keep Hafez at bay and open up opportunities for potent combinations.

Both combatants traded blows and fought for control of the ground during the tightly contested encounter. A thrilling and competitive contest resulted from Della Maddalena’s strong striking and Hafez’s perseverance on the mat.

Finally, the judges announced a split-decision judgment in favor of Jack Della Maddalena, confirming his victory. Regardless of the outcome, Bassil Hafez won appreciation from many spectators and his fellow competitors for his fortitude and ring prowess.


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