“You fighters gotta learn your own sport”: Kamaru Usman faces backlash from Twitteratis following calling Jack Della Maddalena split-decision win “wrong”

After disputing Jack Della Maddalena’s victory at UFC Vegas 77 via a split decision, Kamaru Usman received backlash from many Twitter users. The welterweight champion tweeted that the choice was “wrong,” drawing criticism.

Some people accused Usman of not understanding the sport and interfering with judges’ choices. The judges scored Maddalena’s victory over Bassil Hafez 28-29, 29-28, and 29-28. Bassil Hafez and Maddalena’s fight was highly contested. Usman’s remarks ignited a discussion over the MMA scoring system and the fighters’ role in judging fights.

Kamaru Usman calls for “wrong” decision following JDM’s win over Bassil Hafez

At UFC Vegas 77, Jack Della Maddalena defeated Bassil Hafez by a split decision, and welterweight champion Kamaru Usman expressed his displeasure with the judge’s verdict on Twitter. Usman said that the result was “wrong,” which instantly elicited conflicting responses from netizens on social media.

Some fans praised Usman for sharing his wisdom on Twitter, while others accused him of meddling with the judges’ jobs and undermining the MMA scoring system in response to his post criticizing Jack Della Maddalena‘s split-decision win over Bassil Hafez at UFC Vegas 77. They stated that competitors should respect the judges’ judgments and refrain from openly contesting the results of fights.

The fight was extremely close, and Della Maddalena prevailed by split decision. Usman made some strong remarks, but the judgment remained, and Della Maddalena won his first promotional match after a long struggle.

Fans clap back at the Welterweight

After Kamaru Usman labeled Jack Della Maddalena’s split-decision victory over Bassil Hafez at UFC Vegas 77 “wrong” in a contentious Twitter post, the welterweight champion received swift backlash from the audience. While some fans supported Usman’s position, many others disapproved of his public criticism of the judge’s decision and attempt to sway the outcome of a bout that wasn’t his.

 Kamaru Usman

The integrity of the sport and the judges’ skill in awarding fight victories, according to fans, should be respected by competitors. They emphasized how Usman’s remarks might create an unfavorable precedent and damage the MMA judging system’s reputation. Even some spectators demanded that competitors concentrate on their own careers and leave the judging to the referees.

It’s a no-brainer why some fans are so worked up by MMA judging issues, however. Almost every year the UFC sees a number of controversial judgments that range from championship bouts all the way to undercard matchups.

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