What is inside $20 million Apex facility? Exploring the UFC’s state-of-art L.A center

The UFC has long been utilizing its remarkable Apex facility, designed not only for hosting UFC events but also for a variety of other purposes. While the overall capacity leaves much to be desired, the sheer number of fights taking place each year is quite significant.

Dana White’s opulent and awe-inspiring addition of the UFC Apex is rather remarkable and leaves some spectators in awe of its grandeur and splendor.

Apex facility hosted UFC Vegas 77 headlined by Holly Holm

The UFC on ESPN 49, also referred to as Vegas 77, unfolded at the renowned UFC Apex facility in Enterprise, Nevada. The main event featured a compelling women’s bantamweight matchup between former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm, and Mayra Bueno Silva.

In an impressive display of MMA, Silva emerged triumphant over Holm, using a ninja choke submission technique to secure the victory. Sheetara’s exceptional performance against such a veteran earned her the performance of the night bonus.

This marks Holm’s second defeat since 2020, while Silva extended her winning streak to four consecutive victories. Earlier this year Bueno defeated Lina Lansberg and Holly defeated Yana Santos. 

Inside Look at UFC Apex Facility 

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the UFC Apex stands as an advanced facility owned by the UFC. Its primary function revolves around being the organization’s main production and broadcast hub, serving as a central venue for hosting a range of UFC events, such as Fight Nights and Dana White’s Contender Series.

During a media tour of the newly built UFC Apex, UFC President Dana White and Executive Vice President Craig Borsari showcased the impressive $20 million facility, leaving some spectators captivated by its lavishness.

White mentioned that the state-of-the-art Apex is not only designed for hosting MMA fights but also for acting as a multipurpose venue. It can accommodate a wide range of events, including boxing matches, comedy shows, and even music concerts, thanks to its cutting-edge modernization.

In addition to its prominent octagon-shaped center, the Apex facility offers various amenities such as a VIP Suite, Media Lounge, locker rooms, an engineering room, a production office, and a total of 12 general-purpose rooms.


Moreover, the facility includes a versatile multi-purpose room, providing a range of functional spaces for different purposes. Overall the UFC Apex has established itself as a crucial component of the UFC’s activities, hosting a multitude of events on a regular basis. 

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