How can Stephen Curry join the Billionaire club of Michael Jordan, LeBron James? Exploring Steph’s billion worth deal

Stephen Curry, a two-time NBA Most Valuable athlete and superstar athlete, has also achieved great success in the business world.
In 2017, he signed his very first NBA deal for 200 million USD, and in 2021, he extended the same by four years for an additional 215 million USD.

Furthermore, Curry founded SC30 to manage his investments, brand relationships, and charitable initiatives. All these business ventures and his successful NBA career can potentially lead Curry to join the billionaire club of Michael Jordan and Lebron James.

Current Under Armor deal potentially to launch Curry to billionaire zone

Stephen Curry might soon become a billionaire thanks to Under Armour’s recent renewal of their agreement with him. According to a recent SEC filing, Curry earned 8.8 million restricted stock units of Under Armour’s common equity, valued at an astounding $75 million, as part of his extended role as brand ambassador and president of the Curry Brand. The equity incentive will vest in two equal amounts in 2029 and 2032, further cementing Curry’s relationship with the athletic apparel company.

The new contract, which Octagon negotiated on Curry’s behalf, emphasizes using players as marketing ambassadors to grow Curry’s marketing. Stephen Curry association with Under Armour, which began in 2013, has been essential to the growth of both the player and the brand, as seen by the 10 signature sneakers he has helped launch in that time.

According to Kevin Plank, creator and executive chairman of Under Armour, “I couldn’t imagine Under Armour without Stephen, or Stephen without Under Armour.” Plank is certain that the collaboration between Curry and the company will last for years to come.

Curry’s fortunes are soaring thanks to this rich agreement and his high NBA salary. The latest Under Armour partnership has the potential to drive Stephen Curry into the exclusive billionaire zone.

Steph Curry’s business endeavors 

Under Armour launched the Curry Brand in November 2020 to compete with Nike’s Jordan Brand. In March of 2023, Curry and Under Armour extended their agreement for the foreseeable future, meaning that it will continue even after he retires from basketball. In addition, in September 2021, Unanimous Media, Curry’s production firm, signed a development contract with Comcast NBCUniversal and in November 2020, Unanimous Media partnered with Audible to launch a podcast.

To the tune of almost $10 million, Steph Curry has made substantial personal contributions since launching SC30 in 2017. These investments are dispersed across many sectors:

One such startup is Super, in which Curry made an investment in December 2018. Further in November of this year, 2019, Curry made an investment in a firm called Guild Education. In July 2020, Kikoff & Curry made an investment in a personal financial platform that helps individuals improve their credit scores. Another of his investments was Tonal, a smart home gym system that combines human coaching with artificial intelligence to help customers achieve their strength training goals.


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