Ex-Tom Brady Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski hails Raiders’ choice of Jimmy Garoppolo: “I hundred percent think it’s a great fit”

Raiders have decided to move on from Derek Carr, their long-time franchise quarterback. The news has left fans eagerly anticipating the arrival of an elite signal-caller to fill the void. When Raiders acquired Jimmy Garoppolo fans had mixed views about this decision. However, there is one person, Rob Gronkowski who believes that the addition of Garoppolo will be a great decision for the team. 

Gronkowski was the former teammate of Garoppolo. In a recent interview on “Up and Adams” with Kay Adams, Gron shared that he is confident in his former teammate’s fit with the Raiders, stating, “100 percent, I think it’s a great fit.” 

He also highlighted the financial aspects of the deal. He emphasized that the Raiders did not have to pay Garoppolo top dollar. This allows the team to invest in the supporting cast around him, such as wide receiver Davante Adams, and their second-round pick, tight end Michael Mayer from Notre Dame.

Gronkowski believes these additions will greatly benefit the Raiders’ offense. He also mentioned the acquisition of a running back, further reinforcing his belief that his former teammate will have the necessary weapons to succeed.

He also said that the team doesn’t need a first-team All-Pro quarterback. They require someone who understands how to operate within their offensive system. According to him, Jimmy fits the bill perfectly. 

Rob Gronkowski and Garoppolo have a long history 

Rob Gronkowski

Having played with Garoppolo for three seasons in New England, Gronkowski witnessed firsthand his ability to execute the coaches’ instructions and move the ball down the field. He also emphasized the player’s tendency to put the ball in the hands of his playmakers, specifically mentioning Davante Adams.

The former Patriots tight end’s endorsement of Garoppolo’s fit with the Raiders carries weight due to their shared history. Both players were together in the Super Bowl-winning teams in New England. Both players also played under the same coach, Coach Josh McDaniels.

Gron’s firsthand knowledge of his former teammates’ skills and understanding of the offensive system provides optimism for Raiders supporters. With the financial flexibility to surround Garoppolo with talented playmakers, the Raiders are seemingly poised to maximize their new quarterback’s abilities and make a strong push for success in the upcoming season.

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