Ex-WBC lightweight champ Ryan Garcia chooses Derrick James as new trainer for boxing redemption: “Time for the return”

In a bid for boxing redemption, former WBC lightweight champion Ryan Garcia has made a pivotal decision by selecting Derrick James as his new trainer. Garcia, widely recognized for his incredible speed and knockout power, aims to reclaim his status as a dominant force in the ring.

Many questions were raised after his defeat to Gervonta Davis. But determined to silence any doubts surrounding his career, Garcia’s choice of James signals a fresh start and a renewed focus on his ultimate goal.


With his previous trainer, Eddy Reynoso, guiding him to great success, Garcia’s decision to switch trainers raises eyebrows. Reynoso, renowned for his work with superstars such as Canelo Alvarez, played a significant role in shaping Garcia’s boxing prowess. However, the young fighter now seeks a different approach to propel himself to new heights.


Ryan Garcia’s selection of Derrick James as his new trainer marks an exciting chapter in his career. James, best known for his collaboration with welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr., possesses a wealth of experience and a track record of success.

His meticulous attention to detail and ability to fine-tune fighters’ skills have seemingly been instrumental in their victories. Garcia hopes to tap into James’ expertise to overcome any hurdles he may face and achieve his redemption.


Under James’ guidance, Garcia is expected to undergo a rigorous training regimen. As he fine-tunes his technique, hones his speed, and strengthens his punches, Ryan will aim to emerge as an even more formidable opponent. The combination of Garcia’s natural talent and James’ strategic expertise could end in an electrifying future for the young fighter.

A Fresh Start for Ryan Garcia

The decision to enlist Derrick James as his new trainer represents a fresh start for Ryan Garcia. With his sights set on redemption, Garcia seeks to redefine his career trajectory and leave an indelible mark in the boxing world.


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