Travis Scott’s unexpected appearance at Tom Brady’s business meeting with rookie QB upsets NFL fans: “lol why is Travis there”

Tom Brady recently had a business meeting that brought together some of the top prospects from the 2023 NFL Draft. In an unexpected turn, Travis Scott was also present there. His appearance at Brady’s business meeting has sparked a wave of confusion and discontent among fans. It has left many fans wondering why the rapper was there in the first place. 

Brady met Bryce Young, number two pick CJ Stroud, number four pick Anthony Richardson, and early second-rounder Will Levis. Travis Scott was also seen in the pictures.

The only person fans were not excited about seems to be Travis Scott. One fan took to social media to express their perplexity, writing, “lol why is Travis there?” 

This statement seems to have resonated with numerous other fans who can’t understand the connection between Brady and Travis. They questioned the relevance of his presence, given his background in the music industry and lack of apparent expertise in football.

There could be an upcoming collaboration between Tom Brady and Travis 

Tom Brady

His presence has also speculated some rumors about the potential collaboration or partnership between the rap artist and the NFL veteran. In recent years, the league has made efforts to diversify its entertainment offerings and engage with a wider audience. Travis Scott, known for his high-energy performances and cultural influence, could be seen as a bridge between the NFL and the younger demographic.

It’s worth noting that the rapper has previously collaborated with the NFL, having performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2019. His performance was met with mixed reactions, but it garnered significant attention. This prior connection to the NFL might provide some context for his involvement in Tom Brady’s business meeting. 

While NFL fans may be perplexed by Scott’s presence at the meeting, it’s essential to remember that the decision to invite him likely had a purpose currently unknown to the public. Perhaps there are plans for a new marketing campaign or an innovative project that will merge the worlds of sports and music. 

Or it is also possible that he was there without any purpose at all. For now, it looks like we shall ha to wait to find out the true intentions and potential outcomes of this unexpected collaboration between Travis Scott and some of NFL’s top quarterbacks.

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