Ex-UFC featherweight fighter Felipe Colares dies after being hit by bus in Rio de Janeiro

The death news of an ex-UFC fighter in an accident made yesterday a sad day for the MMA community. Felipe Colares died in a vehicle collision, shocking everyone with his untimely passing.

The surprising news was revealed by Globo Esporte yesterday night. According to a statement, Felipe was having a typical day in Rio de Janeiro. The 29-year-old fighter began his training session for the day in the gym. Felipe was returning from the gym when the sad event took place. The MMA fighter was hit by a bus as he was returning. 

Details of the tragic death of Felipe Colares

The Globo Esporte report also verified the fatality of the incident and the young fighter’s immediate serious condition. Even though Felipe was quickly taken to the nearest Rocha Faria Hospital as soon as the tragic incident occurred, however, the fighter’s life could not be saved. The MMA community was shocked and rendered dumbfounded by the disturbing news. 

Cabocao was the ring name used by Felipe. 2019 saw the Ultimate Fighting Championship debut of the young fighter with great potential in combat sports. Prior to being dropped by the promotion last year, Felipe competed in six fights in the bantamweight division, winning two of them. 

In his four years competing in the UFC, the Brazilian fighter defeated Domingo Pilarte and Luke Sanders. The Amapa-born fighter also had a black belt in Jiu-jitsu and judo. Out of 16 fights in his mixed martial arts career, Felipe has won 12.

Colares signed up for Ares Fighting Championship after being released from Dana White’s organization and made his debut there on February 17, 2023, at Ares FC 12. In his final appearance in the octagon, the Brazilian fighter submitted Alioune Nahaye in the first round with a rear-naked choke. 

Felipe Colares was married and had a young son who was six months old. The family of the deceased combatant is in our thoughts and prayers. May God Almighty grant the Colares family the strength they need to overcome the shock!

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