Ex-UFC fighter sniffs and licks on panties in live video sends fans into frenzy

Mike Perry, former UFC fighter uploaded quite a bizarre video of himself which shocked the combat sports community. Social media users couldn’t help but ask why would Perry do that to spoil his reputation. 

In the video, ‘Platinum’ was doing all sorts of crazy things with a panty. The 31-year-old fighter was sniffing and putting that in his mouth in a disgusting manner. 

Why was Mike Perry sniffing on panties?

It’s unknown why would someone do that with a sane mindset but certainly he didn’t look like he’s in his natural state. Then again, it was Mike Perry, who often makes it to the headlines for weird issues. 

Christine also expressed her surprise by saying, “That end sequence was bizarre. He swallowed it whole, sniffed it then put it on his head….?” 

Another user mocked Perry by commenting, “He’s up for a new contract and wanted them to know he means business.” 

Perry, as already has a previous record of doing crazy things, had Jonathan comment, “Just Mike Perry doing Mike Perry things!!” 

Chris isn’t too surprised at Perry’s such unusual activity as he said, “tbh nothing surprises me anymore. he’s prolly gonna post a video of him dancing on tiktok in an hour.”

“His brain doesn’t works properly, that’s also the reason behind his success in BKFC.” said another user. 

Is Mike Perry retired from UFC?

Perry, a former fighter in the UFC, is presently pursuing a career in bare-knuckle boxing. In the eagerly anticipated BKFC 41, Perry and Luke Rockhold squared off in the ring at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado.

Mike successfully defeated Rockhold. This was Platinum’s third bout, and the Michigan native won this one as well.  

Despite not having the most successful Ultimate Fighting Championship career (MMA: 14-8), Perry is making considerable development in the Bare Knuckle sport and successfully defeated Luke Rockhold.

Why do you think Mike Perry would do something like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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