Ex-WWE star John Morrison calls out KSI for boxing bout after dominant KO victory against Harley Morenstein

Combat sports often surprise fans with the most unthinkable of matches. In that turn of events, Ex-WWE star John Morrison has called out KSI. The former wrestler is already looking forward to his next prize.

John Morrison
John Morrison secured a knockout victory on his boxing debut

John Morrison impressed on boxing debut

The former Intercontinental Champion turned a few heads in the squared circle last night. He secured a terrific victory with a brutal knockout. And that knockout blow came just in the third round, against Harley Morenstein. Morrison probably could not have desired a better debut.

Morenstein, the man behind the YouTube channel Epic Meal Time, had to absorb a handful of blows. The ex-WWE star torpedoed Morenstein from the get-go. This eventually knocked the lights out of Morenstein. The five-round fight ended in a brutal fashion in the middle.

However, the biggest surprise came after the fight. Morrison, surprisingly, called out KSI. KSI has already made his mark in the boxing ring. He has become a household name in the exhibition matches as well. It is not surprising for his name to pop up here and there in this circuit. What’s surprising is Morrison taking a verbal jab at him out of thin air.

Morrison, right after the match claimed that boxing is different from wrestling and stunt choreography. He was proud of himself on the account of how hard he had worked. With that being said, he also praised his opponent and praised his perseverance.

Morrison called out KSI

And then he took the dog to the likes of KSI labeling them as “influencer boxers.” Morrison said that he had zero respect for people like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and the entire array of Misfit boxers. Calling them “overnight tough guys” he claimed that these people made him sick.

After the verbal jabs, Morrison gave his reason to opt for KSI. Bringing up Jake’s loss, he mentioned his elder brother Logan’s loss to KSI. And Morrison now wants to show KSI his place.

This callout came out of the blue. Meanwhile, KSI is preparing for his next bout. He will face undefeated boxer Joe Fournier on May 13.

KSI has yet to respond. The five-time tag team champion Morrison has some mental scores to settle as it seems.

On the other hand, KSI will look to unsettle yet another wrestler. The YouTuber made an appearance at WWE’s Wrestlemania 39. He assisted his business partner, Logan, dressed as a bottle of Prime Energy drink. The two tried to humiliate Seth Rollins on the grandest stage of the sport.

Quite clearly, Morrison was not impressed with the pair. He took notice of them for sure. And now Morrison will look to get the upper hand over KSI.

If the fight goes through, who do you think will win?


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