Seth Rolins utterly embarrasses Logan Paul and his partner in ‘prime’ KSI at WWE WrestleMania 39

Logan Paul burgeoned into the WWE scene, turning quite a few heads. His long-time feud with Seth Rollins eventually led to their match at Wrestlemania 39. However, Rollins showed him his place on the big stage. Paul had a surprising aid from the YouTuber KSI. Yet things ended in despair for him.

Logan Paul made a good start

The match started off in a gaudy fashion, as expected. Rollins caught the eyes of viewers as his entrance was truly emblematic of the biggest stage of WWE. He stepped into the ring to the music conducted by an orchestra. However, Paul shrugged off all those and showed Rollins what he was capable of. He gassed Rollins with his flurry of moves.

Logan picked up his strength and kept hurling shots at Rollins. Rollins could hardly match up to Logan’s pace. The YouTuber and recently anointed wrestler even hit CM Punk’s signature move GTS.

Rollins finally had his moment when Logan got cocky. Logan was ahead in the match until he mislanded a moonsault. The height came as a downfall for the maverick. Rollins did get the chance to take a breather and utilized it to his fullest.

Just as Logan was looking to recover, Rollins flipped him over the ropes. It was almost reminiscent of how he eliminated Paul from the Royal Rumble. The match then went on to be more exciting.

Logan looked to implement his big right hand. He has had bragging rights over Rollins with this move in the past. However, this time around Rollins was up to the task and he began to make a fool out of Logan.

Rollins turned things around KSI made a surprise entry

Enter a man with a ‘Prime’ costume. The man came to Logan’s aid, who turned out to be Logan’s ‘prime’ partner the YouTuber KSI. The duo then proceeded to humiliate Rollins as they prepared to shoot a video on smartphone.

Logan wanted to put this match to bed by smashing on to Rollins on the table, from the top of the rope. The situation took a one-eighty degree turn as Rollins sneaked out and put KSI on the table.

Logan Paul
KSI teamed up with Logan Paul at the Wrestlemania

With KSI shattered by the splash from his own friend, Rollins went on to make a joke out of the duo. Rollins dominated Logan with a few big moves from thereon. The stomp from that point on was inevitable. Rollins finally had the last laugh over Logan, in a ‘freakin’ fashion.

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