“At Least He Made a Bag”: Pros and Fans React Alike to Former UFC Lightweight Champ Anthony Pettis’ Win Over Legendary Roy Jones Jr. At Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing 4

Anthony Pettis, the one-time UFC lightweight champion, took on the esteemed multi-division boxing world champion. Roy Jones Jr. in a main event matchup at the Gamebred Boxing 4 affair hosted at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum by Jorge Masvidal. The hype was real, and it didn’t disappoint!

The hometown hero Anthony “Showtime” Pettis proved too much for the aging Jones Jr. As he secured a majority judgment victory after a composed performance. He was on a two-fight losing streak in PFL when he made his boxing debut against Jones Jr. And with a record of 25-14 in MMA, he hoped to change his luck in his boxing debut.

Anthony Pettis

Age is Just a Number: Jones Jr. Proves his Undeniable Ability Against Pettis in a Calculated Battle

Jones Jr., on the other side, has an amazing professional record of 66-9 with 47 KO victories at the age of 54. Even though he was past his peak, the veteran boxer held his own against the much younger Pettis and demonstrated his undoubted ability.

Pettis and Jones Jr.’s battle was calculated and methodical, with Pettis preferring not to go for the knockout but rather to tire out his opponent and draw out a win. It was a draw according to one judge, and a win for Pettis according to the other two.

After the bout, both contenders were civil to one other and conveyed thanks for the chance. Followers on Twitter praised both athletes for their achievements, although others questioned whether Jones Jr. should still be competing at his age.

The Natural Cycle of Combat Sports: Pettis vs. Jones Jr. and the Passing of the Torch

The passing of the torch from one generation to the next is a natural and unavoidable process in the realm of combat sports. As the older legends retain their abilities and expertise, the newer warriors add flare and techniques to the mix.

The battle between Pettis and Jones Jr. was a textbook illustration of this dynamic, with the former UFC champion demonstrating his worth against the multi-division boxing world champion.

Anthony demonstrated his resilience in a distinct domain with his power, forbearance, and planning in the fight. Jones Jr.’s heritage in boxing is established, and he has nothing more to prove. Next-generation fighters have the opportunity to push the boundaries and leave their mark in combat sports.

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