Fans go crazy as NFL star knockdown former WWE champion at WrestleMania 39 like Rob Gronkowski’s moment in 2017

Wrestlemania has always been a stardust event for the entertainment industry. This year has not been an exception so far. Night one of Wrestlemania provided a number of moments for the fans to savor. The internet has gone into a frenzy over Pat McAfee challenging The Miz. Fans were bewildered by what followed as The Miz clashed with the NFL star George Kittle.

The Miz ran into NFL tight end George Kittle

In between the matches, The Miz kept up the tempo of an already exhilarating night. He hosted that mid-show with the hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg. The two special hosts kept the fans on their feet. Things started to heat up in the midst as Pat McAfee burgeoned into the scene out of the blue.

McAfee, to the fans’ surprise, kept taunting The Miz. It did not take long before he challenged the two-time WWE champion to a match. Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, saw an opportunity and pounced on it. He exercised his rights as the special host and decided to call for this match to be official.

The Miz, however, was not impressed with the proceedings. As things started to escalate quickly, The Miz started to look for a way out. McAfee, on the other hand, was adamant about a full-fledged fight. Even though The Miz got into the ring, he was not too keen on fighting. Eventually, he jumped out of the ring, only to run into a celebrity in the house.

Kittle was trying to taunt The Miz from the ringside which infuriated the WWE superstar. Before Kittle could even pull himself together, The Miz shoved him to the audience. The San Francisco 49ers tight end was having none of it. Enter Kittle, and WWE produced yet another memorable reel. Kittle smashed a brutal clothesline into The Miz knocking him out.


An iconic moment reminiscent of a former NFL star

The moment was reminiscent of Rob Gronkowski. The former New England Patriots tight end helped his friend Mojo Rowley win the Andre the Giant battle royale, interfering in the fight.

In that match in Wrestlemania 33, Jindar Mahal was feuding with Gronkowski. The latter had enough of it when Mahal threw a drink on him. Gronkowski pounced on him immediately. Later, Rowley won the match eliminating Mahal.

Fans however had a mixed reaction to Kittle’s appearance. Some were excited to see him make a WWE appearance. While some were confused about the proceedings in the middle, most had fun watching it. The WWE enthusiasts were thrilled by Kittle’s clothesline on The Miz.

Do you think Kittle is lining up a future career in the WWE?


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