Exploring Alex Pereira’s dark history before UFC stardom

Some hard punches on your face might make you see stars in the middle of the day but in the case of Alex Pereira, the story is different as fighting gave him a ray of hope to rise up and chase the dream. He is a professional mixed martial artist who hails from Brazil and competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The fighter is the only player in UFC history to hold championships both in Glory middleweight and light heavyweight at the same time. However, the childhood of Alex Pereira wasn’t as glorified as his adulthood as the man left behind a dark secret in his past.

Alex Pereira
Alex Pereira: “This Has All Been Planned.”

So, let’s explore Alex Pereira’s dark history before UFC stardom through this article.

 the Journey of Alex Pereira: From a troublesome childhood to UFC

The MMA star wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. An empty stomach and a dirty, torn cloth was his constant companion in Sao Paulo where he was born and brought up.

At the age of 12, when his friends were making the most of their education and dreaming about a better life, he joined a tire shop as a worker. Alex’s family was so impoverished that he had to find work in order to add something to the family’s income so that they could eat and stay alive battling against the hard life.

At such a young age, the future fighter was taking huge stress on his shoulder to feed the family and as days were passing by, Alex Pereira became more depressed, and with the encouragement of his colleagues, he began drinking.

When the little boy should have taken pen in hand, there were bottles of alcohol in his grip. Soon, the kickboxing champ turned into a heavy alcoholic and sank deeper into the ocean of failure.

Every now and then, he could understand that whatever he is doing is not helping to minimize his problems rather it is making them worse. So, there was a constant battle going on inside him between drinking more or starting a new life out of his havoc. At that time, football and fighting were very popular in his country, and as he held an interest in fighting, Alex started learning kickboxing.

So, this is how the journey toward a better future started. At the age of 35, the former Middleweight Champion is enjoying the delights of success sitting at the peak of his career.

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