F1 World Champion Jody Scheckter claims Fernando Alonso is overrated

Fernando Alonso has been amassing podiums ever since he got hold of the AMR23. His fans claim that Fernando gets ‘younger’ every year, instead of getting older and his driving skills definitely compliment this claim.

However, among the countless fan wars being sparked in F1 community, one particularly interesting theory has caught the attention of an ex-champion who claimed a controversial comment about Fernando. He earlier spoke about reigning champion Max Verstappen and now it seems like he doesn’t really accept the hype around Alonso.

1979 World Champion Jody Scheckter drops overrated Fernando Alonso claim

Jody Scheckter is the world champion of 1979 season and he doesn’t particularly go with the flow that Alonso is indeed one of the best drivers of Formula 1. In a recent news snippet from PlanetF1, he remarked,

“Fernando’s obviously very good,” Scheckter told Stats Perform. “I didn’t like some of the stuff he did in his early career. I didn’t like it very much at all, actually. But he’s good, he’s aggressive. I don’t think he’s as good as some of the press think he is. But he’s doing a good job now, he’s doing a great job.”

His criticism wasn’t received well by a lot of fans, however, Jody himself is a world champion and he knows the trick of the trade.

Fernando Alonso says he is ‘better driver than in 2005 and 2006’

On the other hand, Fernando considers himself a better driver than his world champion years. The 2 time F1 world champion believes in his ability and is confident about his race antics. Nevertheless, he has indeed proven that the bits of spark he showed in Alpine, became burning ambers in his Aston Martin era.

Following an interview with Sky F1 reporter, Karun, we can find Fernando applauding his recent career.

Fernando currently has 7 podiums and 170 points in this championship season with his best finish being in the 2nd position so far. It will be foolish to not expect a win from him but time will tell about his exploits in the ‘green’ team.

Fernando has been the topic of buzz for quite a long time, the Spaniard’s comments and reputation often give us interesting situation and even his subtle digs about fellow drivers are humorous. However, one must not forget the fact the Alonso’s consistency is remarkable because he is a multi format winner. He even won at Indycar when he took a break from Formula 1.

There are a lot of opinions around him and most of them involve his career decisions so what are your thoughts about Fernando Alonso, are you a fan or do you also believe he is overrated.


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