Fans mock Steve Kerr after Warriors HC provides update on possible trades: “Curry somewhere crying”

With the trade deadline hours away, rush to get the deals over the line has gathered momentum. Front offices have been busy with the constant phone calls, e-mails and negotiations with teams and player agents.

While the final day scramble is fun to watch for the fans, the Warriors’ faithful can count themselves out. Steve Kerr’s latest assessment regarding the squad has dampened the party for the Dub Nation.

Steve Kerr talks on NBA trade deadline

Recently, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr addressed NBA trade rumors ahead of the deadline on ‘95.7 The Game show.’ The 58-year-old emphasized that the team does not anticipate making any trades, stating, “I don’t anticipate anything happening. I can tell you there’s been no desperation on our part. There’s plenty of conversations, but 0 desperation.”

Despite rumors suggesting interest from the Pacers and Mavericks in Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins, Kerr’s remarks have made it evident that the team is not inclined to trade him.

Wiggins’ trade value has reduced this year, much like his average PPG (12.4). The 6-time NBA Champions don’t look in good shape sitting on the 11th position in Western Conference. To make things work post season for the Championship run, the Warriors must make their moves.

Fans troll Steve Kerr and Warriors

Steve Kerr’s faith in his players and lack of interest in trading them have prompted fans to criticize both the coach and the franchise. Many fans believe that the Warriors are not taking the necessary steps to become championship contenders.

Suggestions have been made to trade players like Andrew Wiggins and the controversial Draymond Green in order to improve the team overall. Recently, there has been speculation about trading Klay Thompson, especially after he appeared visibly upset about being benched during a game against the Nets.

However, since there will be no trades, fans have taken to social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their reactions. One such reaction reads, “Curry somewhere crying rn.”

“This group is doing absolutely nothing this season”

“This guy can’t be serious”

“Steve don’t act like you care”

“They dont need a trade, they need a new COACH”

With the trade Rumors circling around, the Warriors veteran Andrew Wiggins proved to be an integral part by outperforming expectations in the game against the Sixers. His 21 points, 10 rebounds, one assist, one steal and one block helped the team win the match by 127-104 while Steph Curry scored 9 points.

One fan reacted by saying, “Wiggins playing like he found himself again”

“Not sure how you can watch this Warriors team right now and think Andrew Wiggins should be traded,” wrote another.

The Dubs will be facing the Pacers next where fans hope to see more performances like this from Wiggins.

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