One Charles Barkley warning LeBron James must consider to save his own life

World-class athletes are often seen excelling at multiple sports thanks to their higher senses and faster reflexes. Tom Brady is a perfect example of someone who seamlessly transitioned from baseball to football. The greatest of this generation in the NBA, LeBron James, has a similar case as well and has expressed his desire to pursue one of his childhood passions, football. But there’ll be naysayers in all aspects of life and this is no different.

Charles Barkley, known for his upright comments on all things related to the NBA, has not backed down from expressing his view on the said matter. The smash-mouth approach from his playing days has been carried on to the analyst’s chair. Chuck has once again made himself crystal clear on the subject related to LeBron James.

Charles Barkley warns LeBron James over career switch

11-time NBA All-Star Charles Barkley has called out NBA players who have expressed their wish for a seamless transition to the NFL. Barkley did not mince his words for one such player, LeBron James, whom he has always been appreciative of. He emphasized the fact that both games are different and the unique skills needed to excel in both.

Barkley has openly questioned the decision of LeBron while speaking on “Inside the NFL”. The 60-year-old said “I love LeBron James as a person. But the notion that basketball players can play football. Like, yeah, they could play in high school ’cause they were bigger than everybody else, faster than everybody else. But most these guys never really played in college. That’s when you really see how good you are when you go to college.”

With a mixed sense of sarcasm and concern, he said, “Dude, you can’t play football. These are grown men out there, they’ll kill you.”

Given the explanation by Barkley, it is hard to argue with his point and one for LeBron James to ponder about.

LeBron James’ passion for football 

LeBron James has not kept his wish to transition into the NFL a secret. A few years ago, he expressed his “itch” to play in the NFL in an episode of “The Shop.” Considering the fact that during his St. Vincent-St. Mary high school days, the 4-time NBA Championship winner used to play football regularly.

His football acumen even earned him praise from his teammates. Chris Wooley, the team’s then QB, yelled: “we have to get this kid in the game” at the coaching staff in one college game after seeing the 6’6″ frame of the kid from Akron.

Fast forward to 2024, and LeBron, now one of the arguable GOATs of the NBA, has kept his passion for football alive. During NFL game weeks, fans often catch a glimpse of LeBron giving out his match predictions or enthusiasm for fantasy football. The Cleveland Browns fan has recently signed a partnership with DraftKings to become an ambassador for the company and has promised to make more NFL picks.

His love for the game has not only been limited to the NFL but has reached the college football circuit as well. He often shares his views on the games and is a well-known supporter of the Ohio State Buckeyes. LeBron has gifted the entire team personalized cleats.

It is to see if his dream to buy an NFL franchise comes to fruition or not but if it does, fans can hope to see him donning the team’s colors to grace the pitch.


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