Hours after getting hyped for “prime time”, NCAA action leaves LeBron James with crucial query

LeBron James is recently very hyped up for former NFL star Deion Sanders. Ever since the NFL legend made his debut as the head coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, the Lakers forward has been posting about him a lot on his Instagram stories.

LeBron even teased his upcoming Lebron 21 shoes in his Instagram story with the caption “Prime Time Year” referring to Sanders’ nickname “coach Prime Time”. Safe to say, King James is a loyal spectator of the sport and is following Dieon Sanders’ team through their collegiate matchups.

LeBron questions referee’s call in Colorado game

After hyping up Dieon Sanders’ team, LeBron James found himself questioning the referees call in the clash between Henry Blackburn and the Buffaloes two-way superstar Travis Hunter. The challenge was late and brutal, but all the punishment Blackburn received was a 15-yard penalty. This shocked LeBron and he went on X (formerly Twitter) to express his feelings about the clash.

LeBron James called out the poor judgement in the post that said, “Like don’t understand the difference between targeting and what just witnessed. I’ve seen others get thrown out for far less. That was blatant and uncalled for IMO!” He clearly expressed his displeasure with the refereeing in the match.

The challenge on Hunter was pretty hard and it is true that players have been ejected for far less dangerous challenges. The Lakers forward is a fan of Deion Sanders and is supporting him whole heartedly. The relationship between the two is also very good as they had even once exchanged a pair of cleats as a token of respect and friendship between each other.

James’ inner fanboy comes out whenever coach prime is mentioned but it would be a surprise to know that King James has an entirely different team as his favorite one in the NFL.

James’ favorite NFL team

The Cleveland Browns are LeBron James’ favorite team in the NFL. He has been supporting them ever since he was kid. As a kid his hometown, Akron, Ohio was just 40-minute drive away from Cleveland and LeBron used to travel all the way there to watch the Browns play.

LeBron James
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The NBA’s all-time top scorer has been spotted many times wearing the Browns gear and attending their matches. LeBron also supported the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL but renounced being a fan of the franchise after they punished the players who kneeled during the national anthem. LeBron was very critical of this decision by the Cowboys and switched teams afterward.

What do you think of LeBron James’ reaction on the clash between Hunter and Blackburn? Which NFL team do you support? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and share with us.

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