Fans question with “soooo Arch Manning not good enough?” after Steve Sarkisian makes it clear Quinn Ewers is Texas starting QB

There’s a lot of excitement in the world of college football right now, as fans react to Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian’s big decision regarding freshman quarterback Arch Manning and Quinn Ewers. 

Despite Manning’s impressive talents and potential, Sarkisian made it clear that he won’t be taking over the starting role just yet. Instead, he named Quinn Ewers as the Texas starter. He shared this decision with reporters after the spring game.


While some fans may be disappointed by the news, it’s not all that surprising. Ewers had already established himself as the starting quarterback last year, appearing in 10 games and earning the job in the offseason. With his experience and success under his belt, it’s no surprise that he’s holding onto the position, even in the face of such a highly-touted recruit.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the decision. Some fans have taken to social media to express their frustration.

What did fans say about Quinn Ewers joining as Texas’s starting QB?

Quinn Ewers

One fan tweeted, “soooo Arch Manning not good enough?”, expressing surprise and disappointment that Manning wasn’t given the starting role despite his talent and potential.


Another tweeted, “Arch Manning ROBBED”, implying that Manning deserved to be the starting quarterback and that Ewers has taken something that belongs to Manning.

Another fan tweeted, “The narratives are gonna change from ‘QB comp’ to ‘arch will replace quinn mid season’ lol”, suggesting that some fans are already speculating that Manning will eventually take over from Ewers, possibly even in the middle of the season. 


While fans may be disappointed with the decision to name Ewers as the starting quarterback, it’s clear that Steve Sarkisian had his reasons for making the choice. Whether it was based on Ewers’ experience and success last season or something else entirely, it’s important to remember that coaches make these decisions with the best interests of the team in mind. 

Only time will tell if Ewers will live up to his role as starting quarterback, or if Manning will eventually take over the position. Until then, fans will continue to speculate and debate the decision, eager for the upcoming season and the performance of the Longhorns.


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